Funniest gamertag you've seen thus far?

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User Info: Rowe31

4 years ago#61
Linty Buttskin

User Info: ramzariot

4 years ago#62
I was going to make one up but they only have 15 characters max.
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User Info: thepunchline

4 years ago#63
"come honor face" was the best ive seen
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User Info: xnxbxax

4 years ago#64
Commander Jesus
Chimp Boss
Daddy Spanky

User Info: crunchb3rry

4 years ago#65
The best one ever is the legendary AssAssassin. There's some subtle genius there. It's 3x the ass.

User Info: TeXaS_PiE

4 years ago#66

Yeah... Real deal.
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User Info: The_Hungry_One

4 years ago#67
I had a good laugh with a friend when playing some Battlefield 3 and saw a GT that was HNNNNNNNNNNG.
Long days and pleasant nights.

User Info: lilj812

4 years ago#68
I ran into a guy recently with the name,

I steal Jordans

I chuckled.
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User Info: Swan3624

4 years ago#69
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User Info: Valentino16

4 years ago#70
my buddy and I saw a LtDanIceCream once

we talked like Forrest Gump for the rest of the match.
GT: Obstreperosity
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