Why do the people who complain most about objective... play objective the least?

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  3. Why do the people who complain most about objective... play objective the least?

User Info: Mattdogg706

4 years ago#1
I stayed in King of the hill lobby 4 games in a row with some dude who did very well killwise(had 25+ kills all 4 games), but the whole time he kept saying "are you guys blind you cant see incoming?"... My only problem with this is he would see the hill, but wouldnt go in... his reason when I asked him: "Im not risking my life for you tards". Im fine with people providing covering fire, but If you are at the incoming spot why cant you take 1 or 2 extra deaths a game? I always seem to run into people who get a lot of kills, but seem almost scared of dying in games.

User Info: jakeDiLLa

4 years ago#2
This pisses me off so much that I don't even like playing KOH anymore. I've seen guys standing right beside the hill, but not in it even. Like they don't even care if the team wins or not.

And then you get those who play KOH for the sole purpose of getting easy kills. I remember after one match ended and a dude from the losing team boasts "I go 17 and 3 [k/d] in my sleep". It's just like uhhh you do know that means nothing in this gametype, right?
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User Info: Mattdogg706

4 years ago#3
Thats what the dude would talk about after the game. "Yes, I just went 30-2"... then next match would start and he would just go back to saying we suck for losing the lead, etc, etc

User Info: jihadwarrior

4 years ago#4
LMAO, I'm gonna start playing KoH. I wanna run into these people.
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User Info: xoAxelox

4 years ago#5
some people are better off playing slayer in objective to help secure the hill
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User Info: Mattdogg706

4 years ago#6
I understand people watching the battle, but only while our team is at the hill... Im talking about when you are the only one there(at the incoming hill) and you wont stand in the hill because you might get killed

User Info: bananasandwich1

4 years ago#7
I'll take the hill if know one has yet, then leave once teammates show up and give them support fire. I'm not very good up close and personal with enemies and my strong suit is mid to long range so I feel the best way to help my teammates is by flanking. But if my team dies and loses the hill, you bet your sweet arse I'm in the trenches throwing stickys and punches on my way to death.

User Info: Duwstai

4 years ago#8
If Im playing with randoms I rarely take the hill.

If Im playing with friends I still dont take the hill a lot, but much more than I usually do. If Im the closest to the hill and it doesnt seem like an instant suicide I will jump in it for 10 or so seconds until someone else reaches it. Most games I end up with about 30 or so total seconds (when we win).

But I dont brag about my kills either. Lol.
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  3. Why do the people who complain most about objective... play objective the least?

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