The Story/Timeline of Halo (look here for any lore questions you have!)

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User Info: Demigod_Elessar

4 years ago#1
Since I've seen a lot of questions floating around about the Didact, Librarian, Forerunners, etc, I figured I'd attempt to make this topic. Anybody who feels they may be able to add to a point, then please do. I am getting most of this knowledge from the novels (which I have read all of them), terminal videos, Halo Encyclopedia, and Halopedia for back up assistance.

1,000,000,000 to 150,000 BC:
* The Precursors are the pre-eminent species in the galaxy, moving beyond sentience into practical godhood. They can traverse galaxies in seconds, control evolution, and create life.
*The Precursors seed the Milky Way galaxy with life, looking to raise a species worthy of carrying on their stewardship of the galaxy (known as the Mantle).
*Precursors create the Forerunners and look to elevate them to rule the galaxy, but eventually deem them unworthy of the role. They also create humanity.
*The Forerunners go to war with the Precursors, knowing that they are to be replaced by humanity as the ones worthy of the Mantle.
*The Precursors create the Flood as a final "test" for both humanity and Forerunners, to help assist with who is more capable of taking up the Mantle.
*The Precursors are annihilated by the Forerunners, and all of their technology passes on to them. It isn't clear exactly how the Forerunners managed to defeat the Precursors, and some Precursors may have survived.

150,000 BC:
*Forerunners have colonized much of the Milky Way thanks to the Precursor technology left to them. They are now a peaceful race and help elevate underdeveloped races.
*The first generation of humans begin colonizing the galaxy using more technology left from the Precursors. Their civilization grows to rival that of the Forerunners.

110,000 BC:
*Humanity and the Prophets make first contact with the Flood, ally themselves, and go to war.
*Humanity retreat from the Flood into Forerunner space; and the Forerunners, who believe Humanity are invading, strike back.
*The Human-Forerunner War commences.

109,000 BC:
*The Ur-Didact leads his people to victory against the humans. The Forerunners devolve humanity into several different species and exile them to their homeworld Erde-Tyrene (Earth).
* Unbeknownst to the Forerunners, the human/Prophet alliance managed to drive the few surviving Flood from the galaxy at the expense of victory against the Forerunner.

109,000 to 101,300 BC:
*The Forerunner learn of the Flood and begin planning construction of the Halo arrays as a "Plan B" incase the Flood returns. The Master Builder, Faber, leads the project, and his Builders are responsible for the construction.
*The Ur-Didact opposes construction of the Halo arrays and proposes the idea of the Shield Worlds, but is ultimately sentenced to imprisonment in a cryptum on the newly-primitive Earth.
*Construction of 12 Halo arrays begin, together with the Shield Worlds intended to protect organic species from the devastating effect of the Halo array's firing.
*The Librarian begins archiving species from across the galaxy, placing samples of every species in sarcophagi on the Ark, far outside of the galaxy (and out of reach of the Halo array's effects).

100,300 BC:
*Forerunners make first contact with the Flood on planet G617g1. The investigating team are killed and the Flood escapes.
*The Forerunner-Flood War begins. The Librarian hastens her work.

100,043 BC:
*Forerunners create Mendicant Bias (and AI) to combat the Flood. It is placed in charge of Halo Installation 07 and tasked with hunting the Flood Gravemind.
*Halo 07 is test-fired, freeing the last surviving Precursor sealed away millennia earlier by humanity. He is recaptured and imprisoned on Halo 07.
*Mendicant Bias begins questioning the last Precursor; their conversation lasts 43 years.
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User Info: Demigod_Elessar

4 years ago#2
100,000 BC:
*The events of Halo: Cryptum take place.
*The Ur-Didact is freed by the Forerunner Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting after 1,000 years of imprisonment. They travel the galaxy together with the proto-humans Chakas and Riser. The Ur-Didact is eventually captured by the Master Builder, but not before transferring his consciousness and memories into Bornstellar (known as a mutation), who becomes the new Didact.
*Manipulated by the last Precursor, Mendicant Bias returns on Halo 07 to the Forerunner capital, and betrays them.
*Mendicant Bias seizes control of five of the 12 Halos. The Forerunner destroy them, leaving seven remaining.
*The events of Halo: Primordium take place.
*Riser and Chakas wander around Halo 07, having been placed there after they capture from the Master Builder. They assist in reclaiming the installation and restore it to the Halo network. Chakas' mind is used as the template for 343 Guilty Spark. The last Precursor is revealed to be a Flood Gravemind and is killed by Bornstellar.
*A Forerunner artifact bridging Earth and the Ark is buried in Africa by the Librarian.
*Conversations between the Librarian and the Ur-Didact are recorded and stored on the Ark (the Halo 3 terminals).
*Forerunners create the Offensive Bias AI to counter and fight Mendicant Bias.

*In need of troops to combat the Flood, Bornstellar uses a device known as the Composer on a group of humans being held by the Librarian on a Halo array. The device is supposed to turn the humans into warriors, but the effects backfire, and the humans are turns into the twisted Prometheans we see in the game.
*The Librarian betrays Bornstellar over the matter, and imprisons him in a cryptum and is places it on Requiem.

*The Ur-Didact returns to power, and he and the Librarian are the main characters (as per the summary of the book released). The following events are the final hours of the Forerunners.
*Mendicant Bias and the Flood fleet breach the Forerunner's defensive line and move onto the inner Forerunner colonies. Mendicant Bias commands a fleet of millions of Flood ships against Offensive Bias' tens of thousands.
*The Ur-Didact fires the Halo arrays, killing all sentient life within three radii of the galaxy's core.
*Mendicant Bias' organic Flood ships are destroyed by the Halo arrays. Offensive Bias now severely outnumbers Mendicant Bias' forces and the battle turns.
*Four minutes later, the Forerunner-Flood War ends. Mendicant Bias is shattered by Offensive Bias. A fragment ends up on the Ark and on the Prophet's homeworld.

*Species archived by the Librarian on the Ark and various Shield Worlds are returned to their planets by the surviving Forerunners.
*The Forerunners exit the galaxy. Humanity are given the "keys" to the Halo arrays in the Forerunner's absence.
*The whereabouts of the Ur-Didact and the Librarian are unknown.

30,000 BC:
*Homo sapiens rise to become the dominant human species, killing off the other human species on their journey out of Africa. The Neanderthals are among the last to die out.

8,500 BC
*The second generation of human civilization emerges.

938 BC
*Elsewhere in the galaxy, the Prophets and Elites already have vast interstellar empires thanks to knowledge inherited from the Precursors and Forerunners.
*Humanity has developed numerous civilizations, but is thousands of years behind.
*The Prophet-Elite War begins.

876 BC:
*The Elites abandon their beliefs and begin studying Forerunner artifacts, accelerating their technology.

852 BC:
*The Prophet-Elite War ends and the factions form a union named the Covenant. The Covenant add further races over the next millennium as they colonize the galaxy.
Gamertag: Demigod Elessar (I was formerly Demigod Tyek on these boards, and as a gamertag)

User Info: Demigod_Elessar

4 years ago#3
*Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in space over 100,000 years.

*Humanity's first off-world colony is built on Mars.

*Humanity forms the United Nations Space Command. The UNSC puts down rebels on Mars.

*Humanity maters faster-than-light travel with the Shaw-Fujikawa slipspace drive.

*Humanity has colonized over 800 worlds.

*The UNSC abandons Project Orion, the first generation of Spartan super soldiers, because of expense and time.

*Master Chief John 117 is born.

*75 children are abducted and conscripted into the Spartan-II program. John is among them, and becomes squad leader shortly after training begins.

*Humanity's first contact with the Covenant.
*The events of Halo: Contact Harvest take place.

*Though it won't be revealed for many years, the Covenant attacked humanity only after learning that humans, not the Prophets, were the Forerunner's favored race.
*The 14-year-old Spartan-II's undergo extensive cybernetic and genetic modification. 30 die, 12 are disabled.

*The events of Halo: Wars take place.

*The first 300 volunteer Spartan-III's enter training. Cheaper and weaker than Spartan-II's, the III's are to be produced in much greater numbers with far fewer casualties.
*The events of Halo: Ghosts of Onyx begin, but go on all the way up to 2552.

*Desperate for propaganda, the UNSC makes the Spartan-II program public. Spartan-II's become legendary. When killed, they are listed as missing-in-action, to maintain the image of their invincibility.

*While Earth still eludes them, the Covenant find and invade the planet known as Reach.
*The events of Halo: Reach take place.
*Noble Team takes down a Covenant supercarrier. It is immediately replaced with hundreds more.
*Noble Team helps evacuate the city of New Alexandria. The city is glassed.
*Noble Six, Emile, and Carter die evacuating Cortana's AI core to the Pillar of Autumn. The Pillar of Autumn then jumps into slipspace using Forerunner data entrusted to Cortana.

*The events of Halo: Combat Evolved take place.
*The Forerunner data led the Pillar of Autumn to Halo 04. The Pillar of Autumn crash lands.
*John 117 makes contact with the Flood imprisoned in Halo 04's bowels.
*343 Guilty Spark attempts to use John 117 to activate the Halo array. Cortana prevents the activation and John detonates the Pillar of Autumn's engines, destroying Halo 04.

*The events of Halo: First Strike take place.
*The events of Halo 2 and Halo: ODST take place.

*John 117 arrives on Cairo Station and is equipped with the Mark VI MJOLNIR armor.
*Searching for the Ark, the Covenant accidentally discover the location of Earth. John battles the Covenant in New Mombasa but quickly follows the Prophet of Regret's retreat to Halo 05.
*Earth is assaulted by Covenant forces searching for the Ark. An ODST squad in New Mombasa engages in a series of skirmishes with Covenant forces.

*John 117 arrives at Halo 05, assassinates the Prophet of Regret, and meets the Flood Gravemind.
*The revelation of the Halo array's true purpose creates a divide in the Covenant known as the Great Schism. The doubting Elites turn against the Prophets.
*The Gravemind uses the Great Schism as a distraction to seize the Covenant Holy City of High Charity.
*John 117 journeys back to Earth upon the Forerunner Dreadnought. Cortana is left behind in the Flood controlled High Charity.

*The events of Halo 3 take place.
*John 117 ejects from the Forerunner Dreadnought and falls to Earth.
*The Forerunner artifact buried under Voi is activated, opening a portal
Gamertag: Demigod Elessar (I was formerly Demigod Tyek on these boards, and as a gamertag)

User Info: Demigod_Elessar

4 years ago#4
*Human and Elite ships chase the Prophet of Truth through the portal and arrive at the Ark.
*The Arbiter kills Truth and the activation of the Halo arrays is stopped.
*John 117 and the Arbiter activate the replacement Halo 04 and escape through the slipspace portal aboard the UNSC frigate Forward Unto Dawn.
*Halo 04's activation wipes out the Covenant forces, the Flood, and the Gravemind.
*The activation closes the slipspace portal mid-transit. The Arbiter returns to Earth on December 23. John 117 and Cortana are lost in space. He enters cryosleep.

*The events of Halo: Glasslands take place.
*The events of Halo: The Thursday War take place.

*Cortana enters her seventh year of service and begins to degrade. Master Chief remains in cryo.

*A duplication of 343 Guilty Spark recounts Chakas' story from the Forerunner-Flood War. He later seizes control of an ONI ship and sets course for the Librarian's last known location, implying that she is still alive somewhere.

*The events of Halo 4 take place.

Sorry it really got watered down near the end there; tiredness from typing all this out, and assuming most of you already know the story of the first trilogy, were the main reasons for that. The main parts I wanted to elaborate on were the Forerunner sections anyway, which is one of the reasons they are so detailed.
Gamertag: Demigod Elessar (I was formerly Demigod Tyek on these boards, and as a gamertag)

User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
4 years ago#5

Only thing I'm particularly confused about is Reach vs Fall of Reach. I know some of Fall of Reach has been retconned, but I can't make it all fit.
Fire Bucket

User Info: Demigod_Elessar

4 years ago#6
SRR Capdown posted...

Only thing I'm particularly confused about is Reach vs Fall of Reach. I know some of Fall of Reach has been retconned, but I can't make it all fit.

Yeah, I couldn't either, that's why I didn't even bother.

From what I understand, the story concerning John as a kid, the Spartan-II program, and the 2525 battle with the Covenant (the first half of the book) is still considered canon. But the second half, concerning Sigma Octanus Four, and the battle of Reach itself... just interpret whatever you think happened, I guess.
Gamertag: Demigod Elessar (I was formerly Demigod Tyek on these boards, and as a gamertag)

User Info: VoidBeyond

4 years ago#7
Sticky requested
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User Info: tristin809

4 years ago#8
Brilliant topic.
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User Info: Demigod_Tyek

4 years ago#9
Gamertag: Demigod Elessar

User Info: chickenwax

4 years ago#10
When did this ancient human race thing get introduced?
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