Why do I get the feeling the new maps

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User Info: SThiefN

4 years ago#11
there's one map (i think it's harvest) that might be okay for anything competitive.

either way, im going to put my faith into 343 and buy the map pack, as they haven't really let me down with H4 yet.
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User Info: Sephiroth9704

4 years ago#12
The IGN playthru of the map with the "ring of death" made the map seem like the best map in Halo 4; and way smaller than I first thought.

User Info: demonicshock

4 years ago#13
Alright, well at least the alternative to what I originally thought sounds to be a little more promising about the map pack. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought they all looked almost the same in the trailer
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User Info: Dave_is_my_name

4 years ago#14
Yes. These maps are BS.

User Info: Jprime666

4 years ago#15
There are only 4 btb maps

One is a halo 3 map

2 of the 4 maps make up 80% of the games played

You're complaining this is too much? Wut?

User Info: Brendy_Boy

4 years ago#16
Don't worry man, I feel your pain.

The game needs more smaller, competitive/symmetrical maps.

Not buying this new pack of maps because they are all big maps with vehicles.
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User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#17
Harvest is a 4v4, and a mini Sandtrap at that. I think it looks awesome.

Also, based on some of the concept art, it looks like smaller maps will be in later map packs.
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