**** new maps. We need friendly fire back

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User Info: Hunter2hunted

5 years ago#51
I kind of have mixed feelings about team killing. It's based more on the situation, really. I'm glad it's not in when a teammate fires a rocket at me as I assassinate someone, but I'm irritated that it's not in when a guy blasts his teammate and me during a fight. Although I do believe it is in some playlists. I accidentally AR'd a teammate to death when he ran in front of me in a shootout, but an enemy had already downed his shields. Flood is also an example.
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User Info: Hagan

5 years ago#52
I believe FF is in all game modes except infinity, and infinity is terrible... so there ya go.
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User Info: phillyeagles123

5 years ago#53
I just don't like that they half-took out friendly fire. Seriously, you can't shoot your teammates, but you can run them over with a Warthog? Either take it out completely, or just leave it in.

User Info: KirilFalara

5 years ago#54
people who purposefully kill their teammates, should be banned from xboxlive.

theres no reason for it, your ruining someone elses gameplay experience, and your essentially being a disruptive ****. therefore, you should be banned from playing that game. 343 should set up a video thing, like roosterteeth has for fails, where you can send video footage of **** head teammateskiling their teammates, for say, taking the sniper rifle, or any other weapon, or actually trying to complete the ****ing objectives in a capture the FLAG match.

User Info: txbully

5 years ago#55
Knight_Rider_3K posted...
Aurawhisperer posted...
And i mean really bad so that team mates can either learn how to work as a team and learn to move out of the ****en way when trying to take cover or stay in regicide and dont try joining team groups.

Seriously, thats one thing i dreadfully miss

Aww, what is wrong? Can't team kill when someone takes "your" sniper rifle. Cry more.

I don't like not being able to get revenge after being ran over by a team member in open space with no one chasing his warthog. So I result to following him around the rest of the game waiting on someone to start shooting him so I can help them kill him then kill them. I'm so petty.
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User Info: Aurawhisperer

5 years ago#56
You guys are still going on the wring way with this topic. But whatever. Seems like only 3 people understood me. The rest of you are just too narrow minded

User Info: Wolfsangel90

5 years ago#57
X250 posted...
Wolfsangel90 posted...
TK in: "God I hate when my stupid teammates kill me!!!"

TK out: "God I hate that I can't kill my stupid teammates"

I'm not saying TC or anyone in this topic has explicitly said both of those things, and I'm not really trying to argue, but I guarantee 99% of Halo players have *****ed about being team-killed one far more than one occasion, and now its missed. I just really don't get why. Bringing TK'ing back in doesn't fix bad teammates. They still suck, but now hopefully they won't kill you as often.

It's not about being able to kill stupid teammates. You can do that already.

metalclash posted...
I'm not talking about intentionally betrayals as that is immature (most times, some times are just), I'm talking about Mr. Incineration Cannon firing at a group of his teammates and not hurting any of them while I get killed.

No. That's stupid. They should have to watch where they are firing.

That's why it should be back in.

Why should they have to watch where they're firing? Simply because thats how it was in the other Halos? I for one like being able to bail out a teammate with a grenade, or vice versa.

I just can't really see a situation like the incineration cannon one above really making a difference. Okay, so four guys are surrounding you close quarters and their teammate shoots an incineration cannon and kills you....so? You were gonna die anyway. Even if there was only one, you were probably gonna die, whether he used a dmr to pick you off or a cannon. The only difference is you MIGHT have gotten that kill and even then you wouldn't have earned it, he'd just be dying from his teammates over-aggression. If you're good and playing at a competitive level, most people are just gonna pick you off with the dmr anyway.

In the other Halos if a teammate was in trouble close quarters you either threw a grenade, sacrificing your teammate but getting the kill for a zero sum, or you tried to pick him off, but risked your teammate dying and the enemy getting away. Yeah its a different dynamic but I don't see how it somehow allows true skill to come out except in the most minor form in particular situations. Its just different now and its the same for everybody. Even skilled players can be saved by a teammate, good or bad, chucking a grenade over in your area because they know you're in trouble.
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User Info: CrimsonCorp

5 years ago#58
I just want it back so that I can have an opportunity to boot those who blow up my vehicles. Right now there's nothing you can do if you get matched up with a troll as your teammate :P

User Info: bearded_moose

5 years ago#59
yes, this would be a great addition to the game... now all the noobs that plasma/sticky my mantis or try to bash me when i pick up a sniper rifle will be able to KILL me, just like they want.

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User Info: wanderer918

5 years ago#60
If I ever got the sniper before my team, and I could tell a teammate was trying to betray me for it., I would quickly fire off all the bullets into the ground.

Nothing like dat feel when you waste the snipers ammo right in front of a bunch of raging preteens.
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