**** new maps. We need friendly fire back

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User Info: whitepsychtiger

4 years ago#61
Friendly Fire is in the game, just not in the gametypes
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User Info: Lightb0y

4 years ago#62
HybridSnake posted...
I'm glad friendly fire is off. I don't want to get killed by my teammates.

Fixed, and This.

Plus, I often end up among the first players now that FF is off, I hope the game stays like this. = P

User Info: X250

4 years ago#63
Wolfsangel90 posted...
Why should they have to watch where they're firing? Simply because thats how it was in the other Halos? I for one like being able to bail out a teammate with a grenade, or vice versa.

I just can't really see a situation like the incineration cannon one above really making a difference. Okay, so four guys are surrounding you close quarters and their teammate shoots an incineration cannon and kills you....so? You were gonna die anyway. Even if there was only one, you were probably gonna die, whether he used a dmr to pick you off or a cannon. The only difference is you MIGHT have gotten that kill and even then you wouldn't have earned it, he'd just be dying from his teammates over-aggression. If you're good and playing at a competitive level, most people are just gonna pick you off with the dmr anyway.

In the other Halos if a teammate was in trouble close quarters you either threw a grenade, sacrificing your teammate but getting the kill for a zero sum, or you tried to pick him off, but risked your teammate dying and the enemy getting away. Yeah its a different dynamic but I don't see how it somehow allows true skill to come out except in the most minor form in particular situations. Its just different now and its the same for everybody. Even skilled players can be saved by a teammate, good or bad, chucking a grenade over in your area because they know you're in trouble.

I can throw plasma grenades on my teammates to both prevent them from being meleed, and allowing them to run at someone and kill them.

That's just one of a load of things that's possible with Friendly Fire off.
It's not the biggest deal in the world, but it's still pretty annoying.

User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#64
ODomm posted...
I'd rather 343 work on perfecting and already amazing game than wasting their time adding back in a feature that does not affect gameplay whatsoever


Myself and my cousin were playing earlier though and one guy just stood there for most of the game so we betrayed him multiple times until he booted my cousin, got killed by the enemy while trying to cap their flag then quit the game himself anyway.
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