I'm sick and tired of all of this spawn killing

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  3. I'm sick and tired of all of this spawn killing

User Info: X3RO_THE0RY

5 years ago#1
Please show me that you actually have skill instead of resorting to a cheap tactic because of how pathetic you are.

I know Halo takes way more skill to play than Call of Duty. And in CoD, a lot of people spawn kill (It has happened in every single game since CoD4). Learn how to actually play Halo and stop depending on such a cheap tactic just to make yourself look good.

"Oh look, I went 20-3, yet 85% of my kills came from me spawn killing the entire enemy team. Am I good yet?" Yeah, no. You're still terrible.

It's hard to fully enjoy a game when you can't even leave your own spawn. Or at least, get further out of it than you should be able to.

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User Info: iRGush

5 years ago#2
youre so bad at everything
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User Info: Rainey-kins

5 years ago#3
Then play better and prevent them from taking up the spawn-kill positions. Just because you don't do it, doesn't mean you shouldn't defend against the possibility. :T

But by all means, whine about it and see if anything changes. :T
Royal Rose

User Info: SunDevil77

5 years ago#4
I've never experienced spawn killing in any of the Halo games, actually.
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User Info: ramzariot

5 years ago#5
Why is Grifball in the playlist now?
I grow tired of the foolish foolery of foolish fools.

User Info: furykidd

5 years ago#6
Stop dying?

User Info: Ultima_Wraith

5 years ago#7
But how do you feel about all these snakes on this plane?
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User Info: pookiejin

5 years ago#8
stop instant spawing. if you let the timer go you will spawn with your team. at that point its on you.

spawn killing is a facet of multiplayer FPS games. get use to it. its not going anywhere nor will it ever change.

i get SK'ed all the time. makes me glad instant spawning is availible.

try playing gametypes that arent slayer. BTB slayer is a total disaster. i use to like it but now its useless with all the camping and sniping. so boring.

play dominion where kills/deaths dont matter unless you have all the bases.

User Info: Morbioso

5 years ago#9
Imma gonna get in my ghost, and hover around your spawn and squish you when you spawn.

User Info: superh

5 years ago#10
setting up a spawn trap is almost impossible on halo 4.

It's just chance. Yes it happens way to often, but ive only noticed it at all in SWAT.

Don't hate the player, hate the game. I can tell you right now that they aren't doing it on purpose...
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  3. I'm sick and tired of all of this spawn killing

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