What if the Master Chief gets promoted???

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User Info: Roco32373

5 years ago#1
Then what do we call him? Nobody outside of the novel geeks knows him as John 117...

User Info: Echoe_AC

5 years ago#2
He gets referenced as "Sierra 117" a lot, and he is called by his first name at the end of H3, and several times in H4.

User Info: R_O_DFanboy

5 years ago#3
Cortana calls him John throughout the entire games series, what are you talking about?
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User Info: SunDevil77

5 years ago#4
"Novel geeks"
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User Info: Velvet_Llama

5 years ago#5
Big Green
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User Info: tristin809

5 years ago#6
SunDevil77 posted...
"Novel geeks"

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User Info: MetaIGearRex

5 years ago#7
He can't get promoted, he is the highest enlisted rank.
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ParanoidObsessive 5 years ago#8
MetaIGearRex posted...
He can't get promoted, he is the highest enlisted rank.

He technically could, if he was willing to take the officer's test and enroll in officer's training.

Enlisted men have been promoted to officer ranks even in the real world (and it tends to be a lot easier to do during wartime, as people above you in rank get killed off faster).

Considering the extreme nature of his service, the naval command could also theoretically waive other requirements and jump him up even higher in rank as a reward for pretty much saving the entire human race multiple times over.

The thing is, it won't happen. Because they want to keep him on the battlefield so they won't want to promote him, he would never feel comfortable anywhere other than the battlefield so he'll never ask for promotion, and 343 will never do it because then he'd stop being the Master Chief.
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User Info: HuSsIeNxD

5 years ago#9
^^^ whoa we got a badass over here
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User Info: JoshReal

5 years ago#10
Only Kurt or LT Ambrose the trainer of the Spartan III'S, then later Spartan II Fred have ever became an officer. Fred was made an LT by kurt as a field promotion.
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