What if the Master Chief gets promoted???

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User Info: NovaLevossida

4 years ago#21
Bluestar72 posted...
...Or maybe not. Video game characters never really seem to retire. Super Middle Aged Mario will have a GOTY in 2050!

Expendables for that matter.
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User Info: HellsController

4 years ago#22
Poppadop posted...
Honestly, I'd want Chief to get a promotion just so he's the highest ranking active Spartan again. I mean, Fred and Palmer both outrank him now. That's insane.

Implying anyone gives a f*** about Palmer. Though if she were to give him a command, the s*** storm would e almost as great as the anti-DmC one.
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User Info: Takusho

4 years ago#23
R_O_DFanboy posted...
Cortana calls him John throughout the entire games series, what are you talking about?

She also calls him "Chief" a lot.
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User Info: Arctic_Sunrise

4 years ago#24
HuSsIeNxD posted...
^^^ whoa we got a badass over here

That, sir, is ParanoidObsessive. He is the known authority on pretty much any grain of information this species has in archive.

He is to you what the Sun is to Pluto. Bigger, brighter, dominates your existence and... uh... you're a dwarf?
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User Info: xplayer55

4 years ago#25
If he gets promoted, we refer to him as
Master Queef.
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