C/D: you've EMPd a teammate who took the Mantis or Banshee on Ragnarok.

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User Info: Kal_L

4 years ago#21
No, I've never done it. If someone gets to a vehicle before me then it's theirs.

I've had it happen to me though but I never let them have it. Babies shouldn't be rewarded for throwing tantrums.
"I am many things, Kal-El. You couldn't even begin to imagine half of them. But for now, I shall take the role of the executioner." - Darkseid

User Info: SeikenZ

4 years ago#22
The usual game in Ragnarok:

I rush to the Sniper, if that's gone...
I rush to the Banshee, if that's gone...
I rush to the Mantis, if that's gone...
I rush to the Ghost, if that's gone...
*has quit the game*

I can't stand taking potshots with the DMR on that map, honestly the most boring thing in Halo 4.
GT/PSN: SeikenZ

User Info: ViktorMax

4 years ago#23
I splatter teammates who take my sniper. All day errrrrrr dayyyyyy.
True dat.

User Info: ChrisSL

4 years ago#24
I haven't, but I've certainly experienced it.

More cretinous, I'd say, was the teammate that betrayed me about three inches from delivering the flag, so they could do it themselves.

User Info: originlucario9

4 years ago#25
My teammate was shooting at me when I finally got into the mantis the first time on multiplayer, I killed him and got booted. I hate doing that to people, especially when it happens to me. If they beat me to a vehicle or weapon then they deserve it. Just that noobs don't understand that yet, they think they deserve vehicles and nobody else does.

User Info: krazyninjaman3

4 years ago#26
What does "C/D" mean?
Until Sony finally distributes the Purple Knight DLC for Castle Crashers (Like they were supposed to), i will be switching to XBOX 360 for everything.

User Info: SeikenZ

4 years ago#27
krazyninjaman3 posted...
What does "C/D" mean?

Cows or donkeys.
GT/PSN: SeikenZ

User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#28
No, but I have, on several occasions EMP'd a vehicle someone used to betray me as they were entering a mass of enemies.
"Gary was here. Ash is a loser!" = Greatest Tramp Stamp Ever

User Info: CyhortI82

4 years ago#29
TheSilentMirage posted...

I'm not petty dbag.
TheTygerfire is the love of my life.
I believe in the Straight Edge Savior and the Mizziah I love DLC :)

User Info: salmonjam

4 years ago#30
Never. But it happens to me on almost every game of BTB. My teammates also love to splatter me when they're in Ghosts.
GT: dookpoops
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