If you play Halo 4 and are good read this topic.

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User Info: PIague

4 years ago#1
I'm always searching for people who are good, but usually when someone says they are good they are usually mediocre. I've realized it's just because the word good has a different perceived meaning.

Good doesn't mean you play all the time or have been playing for a while. Good doesn't mean "Oh, I was good at Halo CE/2/3/Reach but I hate 4" or "I'm not even trying" or "I'm having a bad day" or "I have/had a 50 (DEEERRRRRRRRRRPPPPPP)" "I wish this were LAN (cause it's not)" Being good at swat, slayer, snipers, arena, doubles, or even MLG doesn't make you good. Being good at Halo makes you good. If i'm playing Halo, i'm winning at Halo. I win. I play for fun, that you can take to the bank, but the only fun I have is from winning. I examine all games that I try to master like a science. If you don't then you aren't good, period. I don't care if you know spawns, maps, jumps, how to teamshoot, map-movement(don't lie to yourself), strats, and breaks. It doesn't mean anything if you don't know want and intend on knowing ALL of them. On top of that if you aren't a master of every weapon and vehicle by now you are NOT what I'm looking for. Do you know the lethal number of shots required from EVERY weapon? If you don't then don't bother. Why? If you have to ask....... I'll humor you though. Imagine all of the times you've been in a firefight and lost (You died or failed to prevent your opponent(s) from completing a task). More specifically one where it had the sense of being close, like you "almost" got them. The thing is, if you were "good" you wouldn't have been in such a dumb situation because you would know things such as an obvious lack of time to shoot them a lethal amount. Can't think of a way? Perhaps you are BAD. If you say things like: "All they/he/she does is *INSERT ANY TACTIC HERE*" or "I hate campers" or "I only play *Insert singular gametype or playlist*" or "I'm good with *blank* but I suck with *blank*" or if you call anyone that beats you a nerd then you need to get better. Sorry, but it's true. Also if you assume that you or anyone else that isn't a "Pro" can't be as good or better than a "pro" then you are in fact bad. Sucks for you.

*Whew* Now, you might be thinking i'm nerd raging and perhaps I am a little. That doesn't change the validity of what i'm saying. Also, i'm not an ass at all. If I could be classified as something negative because of this classify me as a "Try hard". You know why? Because I do, and I ****ing win.

If there are any good players reading this:

We both know you understand what i've said. YOU KNOW what i've been through and what it's like to be good and be surrounded by noobs! Also, do not think for a second that I think i'm Halotically perfect because I don't. I don't think i'm unbeatable. I have lost. When I lose though it is TRULY proof that I can learn SOMETHING and I DO.

User Info: TheSilentMirage

4 years ago#2
PIague posted...
Also, i'm not an ass at all.

I disagree.

User Info: RowdyCakes

4 years ago#3
Sounds like a craigslist ad for a casual encounter :D
IGN: Sabotron
"Just imagine if Hitler had gone Paragon instead of Renegade!" WolfDJengo

User Info: SThiefN

4 years ago#4
PIague posted...

*Whew* Now, you might be thinking i'm nerd raging and perhaps I am a little. That doesn't change the validity of what i'm saying. Also, i'm not an ass at all.

you are (a lot), it doesn't (but i don't really know what it is you're trying to say), and you are (a lot).
xbl - Amazing Trane

User Info: aLmosT_bLinD

4 years ago#5
Jesus Christ, is this almost as complicated as being a boyfriend. I wouldn't want to play Halo with someone like you.
Gamertag: Too Relaxed
Call me Mr Swag.

User Info: X3RO_THE0RY

4 years ago#6
You know, very good people can still hate campers. Actually, if you're really good, you won't need to camp to get kills. That's a fact.
I'm not fat... I'm just a little Husky.

User Info: ut2k3

4 years ago#7
All good players camp. Not all ******* day, but if you know someone is going to be somewhere and wait for them followed by killing them it's their dumb ass fault for telegraphing their play so much. It's also not hard to deal with camping either(barring a whole team camps a room with the lead and boltshots, in which case wait for a shotgun spawn or don't suck so bad and let them set up so well) just nade shot the kid or use Promotion Visualsvision to figure out where they are.
"See what happen is your friend was trolling you and now you are trolling us coming here with this nonsense."PatrickEwing33
(message deleted)

User Info: BurningNovaFire

4 years ago#9
You should have broken that down to a couple different paragraphs. That was extremely hard to read a quite painful.

Oh, and a waste of time.


You DO sound like an ass. I don't doubt that you like to win, who doesn't? If you want people to play with I would go about it in a different manner.
My friends call me "hadouken", because I'm a down right fierce. GT: Lt KGB

User Info: X3RO_THE0RY

4 years ago#10
lol @ thinking camping is a legit strategy. It's like people who say it's a legit strategy don't fully understand it. And that's why they do it. Because they're noobs.
I'm not fat... I'm just a little Husky.
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