It's probably old on here, but is Halo really Halo anymore?

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User Info: lderivedx

5 years ago#51
From: lderivedx | #046
From: ArcGuard | #020
If you get behind, you stay behind. Once you control the map, it's game over.

And you've not supported this assertion at all. What about a mistake or a brilliant play? Both can easily break map control.

I'll post it again, because you have not answered it.

If it is the case that once you get behind, then you lose, then where do brilliant plays and mistakes factor in?

As for the rest of your post, Vaunt covered that. Your whole objection is based off your assuming an extremely restrictive interpretation of his words, rather than one that fits well with his claim. Look up "Principle of charity".

User Info: LordDamien27

5 years ago#52
I would like to posit that Halo 4 is more about map control than any previous Halo. Although it's not necessarily set map locations.

Assuming a roughly equal skillset the team with the lead will stay in the lead providing they function as a team.

Hypothetical 4v4: Team A and Team B

Both teams get off to a good start 2 players on each team earning ordinance drops within the first 10 kills.
Team A receives rocket launcher and sniper rifle for theirs.
Both players on Team B get the following choices:Frag/Splaser/Overshield, being on a small map and both already having frags in loadout they both take overshield.
Advantage : Team A because of randomness
Team A passes the drops off to the 2 players who got assists and are thus closer to drops themselves.
Match continues only Team A takes the lead due to superior firepower, and receives a drop before Team B netting them a Saw. After which they retreat to a fairly defensible position and wait.
Team B is now on the attack and manages a few kills while taking minimum casualties and receives a drop consisting of Pulse/Scattershot/Speedboost. They choose Scattershot.
With Team A still in the lead, Team B needs to make up ground.
Scattershot manages to double kill Saw and Sniper but is killed along with his Teammate by Rocket and DMR. Team A earns another ordinance drop from this netting them a FRC.
Match continues with Team B getting some kills but is never able to break their defense due to Team A instantly respawning and never having to move from their position because all of their power weapons are delivered right to them.

Team B loses not because of less skill but simple randomness and the very beginning. Due to the nature of ordinance Team A basically got to choose where and how B could attack them.

THAT is map control.
Dibs called on Phosphora - 4/2/12

User Info: KSU-Wildcat

5 years ago#53
(From MetalClash)

"What really makes me mad is how people think adding randomness into a game is "evolving" it or "innovating" it. NO.

Let's just say rockets spawn every 2 minutes. If you're not there at 2 minutes, and the other team gets rockets, that's on you. That's your bad.

Because the weapons are random, it's not your fault nor could you have planned that another player has a power weapon. This game has EVERYONE having a power weapon, it's ridiculous. One recent game of BTB there were 5 players at one time who had the binary rifle. Yeah, because that's fun?

What the hell was 343 thinking? Why change something that wasn't broken? "Hey, better players keep beating worse players to the power weapons, that's not fair for them being better. Let's make it so that everyone can get power weapons regardless of skill in the game. It will make it more fair."

The guy who gets a bunch of assists going 2-6 shouldn't get a binary rifle as a crutch to compete with players going 13-4 getting the choice between a concussion rifle and some stupid speed boost."


Too true. I keep hearing that all these negative changes is the game "evolving." What I loved about halo, what always kept me coming back for more, was the even grounds and the intensity of the fights (due to skill and strategy needed to consistently succeed). This stuff in 4 is simply all over the place. I have to pick a perk to pick up grenades from a guy that I kill, but THAT GUY over there presses his bumper and sees exactly what I'm doing behind two sets of walls?
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