tell me this game isn't dying

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User Info: Dinkleb3rg

5 years ago#21
Yes Halo 4 is on the decline. That's what happens with the crowd 343 is trying to cater to with Halo 4. They want the CoD audience and now a lot of the people who play the game for just a bit are growing tired of it. The longevity of Halo 3 came from the fact it was a competitive arena shooter, which Halo 4 definitely isn't.
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5 years ago#22
aLmosT_bLinD posted...
Lol yeah when there's less than 70k on a Halo game that was out for a month, it's dead. :/

Actually, I just did the math. There are 113,579 people playing Halo 4 right now. There are more coming in two weeks because it will be Christmas and finals will be over with.

User Info: lron_Spiderman

5 years ago#23
Okay TC!

Halo 4 isn't dying.

There you've been told.

User Info: jomurphy25

5 years ago#24
Chariloe posted...
1.) Finals
2.) It'll get higher after the Christmas noobs come in
3.) Back Ops II came out and unfortunately, people are still hooked on CoD.
4.) People are playing other games

Honestly, 150k+ people is a lot and enough. Especially for me coming from a shooter with a very small population.

This is truth, a couple of my buddies are playing Blops2 and/or getting halo4 for currently jumping between this and the new skyrim dlc that just came out, its hard to gauge a game like this when so many other good games are coming out at the same time
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User Info: BlueRunway05

5 years ago#25
This game was never alive in the first place. Anyway, the population is fine. The number of gamers are staying consistent, so it's been good. There's a lot of problems to fix though.
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User Info: iRGush

5 years ago#26
This is old news, if ranks don't suck in january and the TU doesn't fix 50% of the game, it'll continue on this slope and probably even fall below reach numbers.
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User Info: SubZeroChief23

5 years ago#27
Its not dying but 343 is not doing anything to help keep the players happy.

Where the hell are all the playlists we keep asking for like grifball, BTB objective and rumble pit?

Why did you replace living dead with that garbage called flood?

Why can't you release a map pack properly?

User Info: Lugoves

5 years ago#28
I'm a Doctor not a gamer, Jim!
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User Info: Sebek1777

5 years ago#29
Lol dying. I was playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier a month ago, a game which came out less than 6 months ago. There are like less than 1000 people playing it, now THAT'S a dead game.

User Info: dudeasaurus

5 years ago#30
I'm still in mourning from a game TRULY dying when Bungie hit the Kill switch on the Halo 2 Xbox Live Servers.
The Series has died in increments.
It died when Halo 2's multiplayer was shut off.
It died a tiny tiny bit between the Halo 3 Beta and it's Retail Version.
Then came the big increment that was ODST...that was when the cash cow couldn't stop lactating...
In my opinion, the series recieved the nail in the coffin with Reach with its load-outs and armor abilities.
I'm ok with games making changes, but when they make changes to pander to the COD fans, and thus give the finger to the original fanbase, I die a little inside...
Halo 1 is my FAVORITE FPS campaign. I've played it with my friends SOOOO many times....
Halo 2 is my FAVORITE Multiplayer Experience to this day...
Halo 3 was great, but not quite the same.
Then it died.
So any Halo (other than Combat Evolved Anniversary Campaign) that is still around now, is a Flood-like zombie of the True Halo...
RIP Halo. You've been gone for years, but you haven't left our hearts.

*dries tears*
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