tell me this game isn't dying

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User Info: ZeroSky

4 years ago#41
dudeasaurus posted...
ZeroSky posted...
dudeasaurus posted...
I'm still in mourning from a game TRULY dying when Microsoft hit the Kill switch on the Halo 2 Xbox Live Servers.

Fix'd. 'Twas Microsoft that killed all of the old Xbox Live, not just Halo 2. Although Halo 2 was probably the only notable thing still really being played there.

Though I'm not surprised at Halo 4's numbers, given all of it's issues and the competition it faces, I agree with those that say things should pick up a bit after Christmas. I've been seeing a whole lot of people buying it for Christmas presents at work myself, and video games aren't even our primary focus. So I expect other places are selling quite a bit of it as well. Of course, many of the copies I have sold at work have been selling along side Blops II as well, so who knows really.

ha thanks for the correction, mate. :D

This board moves way too fast, lol. I shouldn't bother trying to edit things to avoid repeating stuff, heh.

User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#42
You act like 100-150k online isn't a lot. Yes, the population has been decreasing, but notice the huge drop on Nov. 13th. There was this popular game called Black Ops 2 that came out that day, and it took a large chunk of Halo 4's population. You say Halo 3 was always around 300k, and you're right. But back then, Halo was THE shooter to play, much like COD is now. COD wasn't nearly as popular in 2007-2008 as it is now, so that's why Halo 3 held such a high population. You just have to accept that Halo isn't as popular as it used to be.

Once Halo 4 peaks at a few thousand online, then you can say it's dead. Right now, Halo 4 is alive and well.

User Info: BJW1990

4 years ago#43
Where are people finding the population statistics anyway?

User Info: ajko000

4 years ago#44
I stopped playing after a week.

Idk, just bored of console gaming nowadays.
Nothing to see here, but the post below me sure looks suspicious.

User Info: HellsController

4 years ago#45
Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
HellsController posted...
Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
let me check
*puts stethoscope to Halo 4 disk*
It's dead...

Surely you can't be serious!

I am serious
And if you ever call me Surely again I will destroy everything you have ever felt affection for....

Destroy everything I ever felt affection for? Surely you can't be serious!
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User Info: oODecimateOo

4 years ago#46
I 100% agree with what dudeasaurus I miss the good days of Halo...

User Info: Solid_Snake124

4 years ago#47
BJW1990 posted...
dudeasaurus posted...
I'm still in mourning from a game TRULY dying when Bungie hit the Kill switch on the Halo 2 Xbox Live Servers.
The Series has died in increments.
It died when Halo 2's multiplayer was shut off.

This. Halo died when Halo 2 was shut down. By the way, Microsoft hit the killswitch, not Bungie.
Where there's life there's hope.

User Info: dudeasaurus

4 years ago#48
oODecimateOo posted...
I 100% agree with what dudeasaurus I miss the good days of Halo...

glad you agree.
Yeah...I miss the days when developers didn't release games with DLC already planned with a relative launch date. You know, when they made games for the love of making games, not cash? I'm not saying love, hard work, and time don't go into modern video game production, but the big "deciders" in their ivory towers want more ivory towers, even at the expense of the heart and soul that made the original what it was.
With Halo 2, especially, I remember reading all of Frank O'Connor's posts about what everyone in the studio was doing. I remember watching making of videos and documentaries, and then playing the finished product. When I played Halo 2, I felt a connection with the folks over at Bungie. I just finished (unrelated, I know) Far Cry 3, and good glory, the credit list was ridiculously long. It doesn't feel quite like the love child of a bunch of friends in a community brainstorming and putting their all into a game like older games did. Older video game developers put everything they had on the line when they made new games. That doesn't happen so much because the market has exploded since, say....the days when playing video games REALLY was seen as EXTREMELY nerdy. They know that no matter what, their game will sell enough copies so they don't have to worry about the actual content as much. Or maybe I'm extremely biased and an idiot. Who knows. lol I just feel that by and large video games and their developers are losing their heart and soul.

User Info: faris_ruhi

4 years ago#49
Halo 3 was also the first next gen Halo game at the time and COD hadn't gained the massive popularity it has now.

Averaging 100k+ is pretty good right now after all the FPS market saturation and the release of the latest COD game.
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User Info: R4M5T4R

4 years ago#50
StarcraftTerran posted...

could you post the stats on halo 3 and reach? this is interesting
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