tell me this game isn't dying

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User Info: BJW1990

4 years ago#51
dudeasaurus posted...
With Halo 2, especially, I remember reading all of Frank O'Connor's posts about what everyone in the studio was doing. I remember watching making of videos and documentaries, and then playing the finished product.

I remember that too. I miss Halo 2. It's hard to believe it's been eight years since that came out.

User Info: NightRain

4 years ago#52
The reality of today's games: multiplayer trafic doesn't last long... especially when lots of games comes out, other games could rival the multiplayer (Black Ops 2 is one game...), etc... people move on to other games quickly...
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User Info: Dutcheh

4 years ago#53
Why is everyone calling CoD garbage... at one time or another I'm sure everyone has liked it, heck I know its the same thing every year but I still play it because I actually have fun playing it. Just like I have fun playing Halo 4.

What some people don't seem to understand that with all of your petty little demands on what the game should have, its hard to cater to every single one. Ever worked in food service or a customer service agent? yeah there's people out there that complain just for attention, its life get used to it. Saying they're doing a terrible job every week is outrageous, you know how hard it is to try to add content or make changes to certain things, and not having everything blow up in your face? I sure don't so that's why I don't complain. Everyone seems to get their panties in a knot when something isn't fixed right away, ever go to a mechanic and demand it be done in an hour? lol.

The fact that TC said "omg population is low", shut up. The population is enough for an entire small city to all be playing the game. The population is lower yes, but it isn't dying. With other companies trying to make as much money as the bigger companies, they're offering ridiculous deals to try to get us to play their games. If you're like me, you spent hundreds on the Steam sale and have yet to touch any games because of school/work but now with a break, I can finally play the games.

In short, TC you are the epitome of ignorance and have no regard for situational information that takes little to no thought to comprehend. Next time you get all sweaty and anxious and feel like you just HAVE to say something, ask yourself "why should I post this?" and imagine a person you hate saying your same words and how much it would annoy you.
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User Info: XImperialDragon

4 years ago#54
Huh, people stopping playing when issues have been popping up almost serially with this game's multiplayer?

In my own experience alone, I wasn't able to earn commendations, challenges or use my own loadouts for the first two to three days of the game. After that, there are times (a lot actually) where I just get kicked to the main menu when a game is about to start. There's sometimes atrocious lag because the game will pair me up and force me to host in a lobby that's almost exclusively overseas (which isn't fun for anyone), server connection drops, and now I can't move to a new specialization code even though I qualified.

Honestly, there are a lot of mind boggling decisions that went into this game. No prefer good connection or same region option for matchmaking? Still no fix on the main menu drop bug? Nothing really major wrong, just a bunch of minor issues that culminate into eventual annoyances that, well, people shouldn't have to put up with so they move to different games. It happens.
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User Info: gamingdutchman

4 years ago#55
Sebek1777 posted...
Lol dying. I was playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier a month ago, a game which came out less than 6 months ago. There are like less than 1000 people playing it, now THAT'S a dead game.

And for apparent and very good reasons. That game is awful.

Looking at my own environment, I see people playing this game less and less, mainly because of lag and lagswitching bullcrap. They should've come up with new Halo stuff, instead of trying to incorporate every (succesful) game in theirs.

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The Cod- like changes are more than apparent.

STOP trying to appeal to everybody, instead enhance your own identity Halo!! I do think the SP is back on track :)
If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

User Info: dudeasaurus

4 years ago#56
Dutcheh posted...
Why is everyone calling CoD garbage... at one time or another I'm sure everyone has liked it, heck I know its the same thing every year but I still play it because I actually have fun playing it. Just like I have fun playing Halo 4.

Yeah, I'll admit that I still play both the new Halo's and the new COD's because I enjoy the quick matchmaking (haven't tried in a while, but I'm sure Halo 3 matchmaking or COD 2's matchmaking would take a little while to find a match, and those players are so ridiculously good that it's not worth playing...), but I miss the older games.
You say people keep demanding more and more, and I realize you're not directing that at EVERYONE, because I for one, am asking for less. wayyyyy less. Take it back to the days of COD 2...I feel those games didn't cater to any particular niche of gamers. It didn't pander to people who liked sitting behind corners with LMGs waiting for you to walk by.

They just made their game and required that players earn their rank. I'm not saying B-Ops 2 doesn't require skill; it most certainly does. I just feel they keep trying to pack too much into the game.
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User Info: Super Vejita

Super Vejita
4 years ago#58
XioJenesis posted...
I don't care about Final Fantasy.

Reach was "dying" too. Pretty sure if I hop on that right now, I can find a game within minutes. I don't give a damn if the game has 500k people playing at the same time or not. Unless the game requires that many people to get me into a game, which it doesn't.

This is true. I've been playing Reach while I wait for Christmas to get here so I can play Halo 4...which, I might add, would probably increase those numbers some.

But this chart is saying that people played this game more when it came out? Isn't that like....every game out there?
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User Info: Duwstai

4 years ago#59
From: PerfectLibra | #005
Uhh - 150k people doing anything is a freaking lot.

Relative to past Halo games, no it isnt.

Look, as long as you can find a game, its not problem. But dont deny the facts.

This game just isnt being played nearly as much as the other Halo games. Even Reach, which after release was the most polarizing Halo by far. Meaning a huge part of the population stopped playing it very soon after release because it disappointed them.

These numbers are definitely far below what is expected from a major Halo release. That is evidence of the fanbase not liking something about it.

User Info: BB52700

4 years ago#60
going to be 40 bucks on amazon on tuesday. that will get some more people playing
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