Do you care about your K/D?

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User Info: Dville_Weezy

4 years ago#31
I look at it every now and then, but I'm more concerned with racking up assists.

User Info: Zazabar

4 years ago#32
I do. It's a shame, in the games that measure K/D I feel the need to do better. In games that don't or just have your stats for that match, I tend to have more fun and just relax.

Halo is rage, but fun for me. Team Fortress 2 is fun with little rage for me.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#33
I'm a guest, so no.
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User Info: EX_Cirnochao222

4 years ago#34
I like to have anything positive in Slayer, but not a care in the world in objective gametypes.

User Info: Crayonmuffin

4 years ago#35
I only care in slayer. Because my deaths have a direct impact on the outcome of which team wins. In objective based games it's not that big of a deal...because it's objective based. But it's nice to be positive in any case.

My buddy got an "Unfriggenbelieveable" the other day. Was pretty awesome

User Info: Dr_Havok

4 years ago#36
\` \/ `//
/_/\_\\BOX gamert@g: Dr Havok

User Info: bender_therobot

4 years ago#37
Not really, but then i play alot of objective.

When i first started playing this game i made it my goal to preserve my K/D as much as possible, but found i was not enjoying playing as much.

Once i started going for the objective rather than kills i found i started enjoying myself more as well as winning more.

And yes my K/D is terrible.
Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.

User Info: majorm

4 years ago#38
Arcadia__person posted...
I care some, but I'm not that good at this game and it would be frustrating if I took it too seriously.>_>

Pretty much this for me too. I'm not good enough to worry too much about it. For every really good game I have, I know there will be a bad one coming soon too. Mine is above 1 which is all I care about. So I guess I DO care a little. I just don't want to die more than I kill because I feel I'm hurting the team when I do.

At least when I do go negative I don't usually die too much. If I feel I'm struggling in a match, I tend to drop back so I don't pile up a bunch of deaths.
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User Info: jesse_skater

4 years ago#39
KD doesn't mean, and has never meant anything in halo. I would much rather have a teammate who is willing to die to milk hill time, and keep getting touches on flags to keep it alive.
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User Info: NCSPirate

4 years ago#40
I did until I decided to get drunk and play a few rounds.
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