SR level 114?? How?

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User Info: Clayton_Ryan

5 years ago#11
Well, one thing to keep in mind is that you automatically start with a lvl in a new specialization, as well. For example, when you hit 50 and pick a specialization, you will be jumped from 50 to 51. So there are at least 8 "levels" you don't actually have to accumulate the points for. Probably wouldn't be much anyway, seeing as how the first real level only takes a little over 11k. Lol
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User Info: gahagafaka

5 years ago#12
lol was playin with one of my friends and his SR 130 friend hopped in and played with us for a bit
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User Info: DSquarius

5 years ago#13
Lloyd13Z posted...
DSquarius posted...
I bet this guy never posts here again lol

Only to prove you wrong.

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Everyone point and laugh and move one x wx. Imma go to bed.

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