Which AA do you use and why?

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User Info: racerapj

4 years ago#41
PV since I plan out my moves ahead of time before engaging the enemy. It's better than radar for me since I know what there doing, where are they facing and if there camping or not. You can't spot stationary targets on a radar.

Gotta love situational awareness

My guess is that taking advantage of the AA makes it powerful in its own way. There is no "bad" AA IMO. PV is just my favorite out of the bunch. Hologram is a next, followed by the Hardline shield.
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User Info: rubthetip

4 years ago#42
PV for maneuvering on small maps, AC for sniping on large maps. Jetpack isn't my cup of tea but some people seem to do alright with it. Hardlight, Sentry, and Hologram are all useless if you're playing against skilled people.

User Info: uniballer92

4 years ago#43
Nintendo_to posted...
WiredKnight posted...
I like the Hardlight shield...

Did you know you can reflect boltshot spray right back into people for lolz instakill?

I like deploying energy regen bubble around some cover right before a firefight. Then I just run away after sponging some shots to the face.

I've got to try that Hardlight Shield trick. That would be awesome if it works.
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User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#44
How worth it is Regen Field?
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User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#45
I alternate between PV, Thruster, and Jetpack. PV can be useful if I'm playing against a bunch of campers, Thruster is good if I need to evade something or someone quickly, and Jetpack is good if I need to get to higher ground quickly.

User Info: Nintendo_to

4 years ago#46
Yeah, it totally works. XD The hardlight shield deflector, I mean.

Regen bubble is just about as worth-it as it is popular. Almost everyone would rather pick something else.

User Info: BJW1990

4 years ago#47
Hologram (or "HoloDuke" as I like to call it) because people are dumb.

User Info: SeraphLance

4 years ago#48
Thruster is worthless as a combat AA because of the hitbox lag (or whatever it is, in any case you still get hit if you try to thrust to actively dodge basically anything).

However, it is an amazing mobility AA. It basically turns Haven into a giant jungle gym.

Jetpack serves a similar purpose, with a different set of new shortcuts available. It also completely neutralizes the strategic advantage of the roof on complex, which is a very nice feature.

These are pretty much the only AAs I use these days. I've gone through phases, first with camo, then jetpack, then hologram, and finally the two I use now. They all have their pluses -- camo for troll sniping, jetpack for the above, hologram for bolt shot shenanigans -- but I think the vast expanse of shortcuts you unlock through the mobility-oriented specs are priceless.
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User Info: AoENIAC

4 years ago#49
1. Drop regen bubble
2. Perform the dance of your people
3. Run away
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User Info: R4M5T4R

4 years ago#50
my opinion each one has a great purpose for different objectives
koh: autosentry
regicide: thruster (its evil when you sticky someone and thruster away from the blast)
slayer: promo vision (cheap as all hell)
oddball: regen

overall thought, promo vision for the win :)
nothing wrong with being able to see through walls....or is there
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