What is your spartan ID and why did you choose it?

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User Info: Knox_32

5 years ago#121
Mr K

I am a teacher and my last name is Knox. Pretty straight forward, yet I haven't seen anybody have similar. I get to keep my hipster shades.
Summoner Name - AceBadcat
Mains - Cho'Gath, Ziggs, Viktor, Nunu, and Ezreal

User Info: scubazteve

5 years ago#122
Because i'm better than you.

User Info: RED_LINK1

5 years ago#123

To make people mad when they read my tag. That is my reason.

User Info: Bigqua91

5 years ago#124
NWA take a wild guess

User Info: Andarist

5 years ago#125
a Perfect Rake
tier 1: andarist | tier 3: mephy, trav | tier 5: bale. - Vizeroth

User Info: darealest47

5 years ago#126
I am the Best In the World
won't change this sig until pittsburgh steelers gets their 7th ring

User Info: Shrek81

5 years ago#127
OGRE. Because of my gamer tag.
Gt Shrek81

User Info: rathiel2112

5 years ago#128

Because I am the priest of the temple of Syrinx, my great computer fills the hallowed halls, and all the gifts of life are held within my walls.
What you own is your own kingdom. What you do is your own glory.
What you love is your own power. What you live is your own story.

User Info: STRAKAZulu

5 years ago#129
Monixion posted...
Alternate between FLCL and NHK

FLCL was a seriously whacked out show, loved it, though.

SZ13 or BUIR
SZ13 in honor of my stolen original Gamertag, BUIR is Mandalorian for father, which I am.
Gaming Commandment IX: Thou shalt Teabag ONLY in the wake of Unquestionable Ownage
Gamertag: STRAKAZulu

User Info: infamous3668

5 years ago#130
DWin... see gamertag in the sig
gamertag = DWinsGamertag
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  3. What is your spartan ID and why did you choose it?

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