What is your spartan ID and why did you choose it?

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User Info: MoxRavager

4 years ago#131
helbent_revenge posted...

Self-explanatory to Halo fans, I've yet to meet another person also with WORT, and god only hopes that I can find a match with two other people with WORT who are on my team. I dream of us all hoping in a warthog and driving around killing people as WORT WORT WORT, it's a shame we can't be elites anymore in matchmaking.

I say WORT WORT WORT all the time when killing elites. It... bothers my friends some times.

I used to be D3RP (self explanatory) but i think I will use WORT too.
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User Info: LordOfDonkeys

4 years ago#132

Because you can never get rid of the herp. The herp will always find a way to come back and get you.
With the advent of online games came the creation of the 10th level of Hell, reserved solely for tea-baggers.

User Info: the_reaper849

4 years ago#133


From my favorite anime (though a bit overrated)
im a cook, and i play one in my RPG's.

User Info: l3enn

4 years ago#134

My gamertag is Benn.
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User Info: 0PTICS

4 years ago#135

It was default.

User Info: Materia-Keeper

4 years ago#136

I just get this warm fuzzy feeling when I get that medal.
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User Info: 17icon

4 years ago#137

spells out JEDI on a phone keypad

User Info: Thomas_Maple

4 years ago#138
Bigqua91 posted...
NWA take a wild guess

National Wrestling Alliance

User Info: MetaIGearRex

4 years ago#139

Because I'm an OG.
"It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life." - Mickey Mantle

User Info: vogelkacke

4 years ago#140
its T800 because im killing stuff and blowing **** up like a terminator indestrucdible stylish chromish with red eyes scaring the **** out of people
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  3. What is your spartan ID and why did you choose it?

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