What is your spartan ID and why did you choose it?

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User Info: 1234567890Chris

4 years ago#21

User Info: a_lil_monster

4 years ago#22

Because he's awesome.
Now Playing: Halo 4, Skyrim, Pokemon Black 2

User Info: The Meatman

The Meatman
4 years ago#23
Mine is BBBJ
Do you like the taste of meat in your mouth?

User Info: Rasafarian

4 years ago#24

Because Brooklyn keeps on takin it...
He may be an idiot, but at least he hasn't forgotten his kung-fu...
GT: Scarlettbaby

User Info: Swan3624

4 years ago#25
Service Tag: SAW

Because of my gamertag (SAWmaterasu

Emblem: Red buzzsaw with white wolf

Because it's the perfect combination of emblems for my name. SAW + Amaterasu (white wolf reincarnation of the sun goddess of Japan in Okami <3).

Currently playing: Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure - Let's Play on my YouTube! :D
My Gaming YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MasterChief3624

User Info: BJW1990

4 years ago#26
I use BJW because those are my initials and there's nothing I can do to make it look like my Gamertag.

I really don't understand why people think it's cool to use 117, S117, or J117. Seriously, how lame can you be?

a_lil_monster posted...

Because he's awesome.

Yes, he is.

User Info: Monixion

4 years ago#27
Alternate between FLCL and NHK
[[PSN - NekuShibuya]] [[Xbox Live - monixion]]
Currently Playing: Halo 4, Pokemon White 2, Theatrhythm

User Info: shadowknight93

4 years ago#28
Rasafarian posted...

Because Brooklyn keeps on takin it...

Do you have Brooklyn rage?
The Didact was the ancient evil, because he was basically forerunner Hitler.-SterlingFox
Trolling trolls since 2006.

User Info: WiredKnight

4 years ago#29

I collect swords - it's a hobby - yeah the explenatio is that simple.

User Info: wetbaaaallllss

4 years ago#30
GT: wet baaaallllss
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  3. What is your spartan ID and why did you choose it?

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