Kc57 - Custom Game Contest Win Locus, DLC, or Double XP

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User Info: Kc57

4 years ago#1
Contest will start around 6:30pm Eastern time (or when I finish watching a movie)

Winner can choose from the following.

- 100 matches of Double XP
- Locus Helmet
- Ghost Prop
- Longbow Theme
- Bulletproof Emblem

The challenge:

- All contestants start on the red team.
- I will be on the blue team (Me and my brother).
- Mongoose/Warthog race to the finish line.
- When you get to the end, there will be weapons to destroy the tank.
- First to destroy the tank wins a Locus helmet!

- You may not attack the tank in any way until you reach the weapon room.
- You may kill, ram or troll other contestants!
- I reserve right to final judgement and may disqualify you if i deem necessary.

- First 6 people to post a gamer tag will be invited to the custom game.
- As long as there is still interest I will continue running a few games
- You may participate as many times as you want.

Video of the game you will be playing (I take no credit for the gametype):

User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#2
Edit: Nevermind, I won't be home for this
If we had done it earlier
Looking for ODST players---PM me
~~Keep Calm and Chive On~~

User Info: forthnback

4 years ago#3
burns like dawn

lizard_cops5771 - carbine should be called the space chugger
Urdnot_Runt - wat

User Info: zetsuhimoze

4 years ago#4
Can i join the blue team. I already have all the codes, but this sounds fun and i want to join
Psn zetsu_himoze gt. Stephen10004

User Info: MailboxJunkie

4 years ago#5
I'm absolutely down if there's still room, my tag is MailboxJunkie :]
Myles - Soul Silver FC: 5242 7060 1510
(message deleted)

User Info: GivingCentaur83

4 years ago#7
I will give it a shot as well. Will be on later. gt is same as username.

User Info: aflyingpenguin

4 years ago#8
I'll try this if there's still room (GT in signature). May or may not be able to make it though
GT: Blue Phobos

User Info: KamikazeCactuar

4 years ago#9
I'm down.
GT - A Lvl1 Krabby

User Info: Incredigasmic

4 years ago#10
Add me: Incredigasmic
Pokemon Black: 1893-0448-4851
Finished Pokemon Black National Dex @ 85 Hours and 15 minutes on 04/08/11!
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