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User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#171
You both heard a gunshot in the distance.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Ooh! We gotta catch up to derived. What did you start with, brodo baggins?

zetsuhimoze: DMR.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Damn, I forgot to switch load outs. I still have the load out from the Dominion game. Lol what is UP with this Covenant Carbine? Look at it, it's like...I can' just- look at it! Lol!
*Pew pew pew pew!*

L3git started to fire at the wall, enthralled by his weapon.

zetsuhimoze: L3git, focus! Save your ammo, derived might have a power weapon!

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Oh, right. We need to keep on our toes. Complex is a very tricky map.

zetsuhimoze: Haven.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Gesundheit


You both noticed the kill feed.

SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY killed Iderivedx

Infinity Slayer

zetsuhimoze: We're up! Thanks SLOPPY!

[A]Attempt to reunite with SLOPPY
[B]Don't feed him a double kill; spread out from L3git
[C]Crouch and active camo until derived finds L3git. Have L3git fire to make noise. Then assassinate derived
[D]Cheat and use the scattershot
[E] Cautiously look for derived with L3git. Leave SLOPPY to do his thing; he knows what he's doing.
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User Info: Total_Reverse

4 years ago#172
XBL Gamertag: SadisticTurnip4
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User Info: supermoc10

4 years ago#173

SLOPY is a pro so it's best to stick with Legit.
PSN & Xbox Live: supermoc10
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User Info: zetsuhimoze

4 years ago#174
E since l3git has hardly any idea what he is doing
Psn zetsu_himoze

User Info: dontyoulookatme

4 years ago#175
Legit is only gonna feed him kills.
Don't look at me like that

User Info: dingiestsafe

4 years ago#176
dontyoulookatme posted...
Legit is only gonna feed him kills.

^ this, I pick E
Gt: Dingiestsafe

User Info: AcTi0Nz

4 years ago#177

User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#178
supermoc10: L3git, let's look for derived. Stick close to me, but be careful. We made a good team that last Dominion game, so please, stay focused and I think we'll succeed.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: You're right. Things might be even more streamlined if we just add each other to our friends'-

supermoc10: What armor ability do you have? Oh, jet pack right?

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Yeah. Gee, I can't believe I thought it was glitched. Heh heh...good times.

supermoc10: See if you can jet pack straight up into the air and survey the battlefield. Find out where SLOPPY is and we'll go the opposite way to kinda corner derived. Find out where derived is, and we'll take him on!

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Good idea!

L3git sprinted to the ramp area and jetpacked straight into the air. He came back down before even reaching the peak of his elevation, however, and ran straight towards you.

supermoc10: See anything?

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: He's close, he's close! He didn't notice me, but he's close! Quick, let's crouch!

You both crouched and made your way towards the ramp.

supermoc10: Oh!

You saw a red blip on your radar.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: He's right near the place with the staple gun!

supermoc10: Needler.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Oh, why thank you!


Derived was now at an angle. If he kept moving he'd see you.

supermoc10: On three, chuck your grenades against that wall. It should bounce at an angle and either hit him or damage him slightly. I'll do the same while flanking from the other side.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: He won't be able to avoid the grenades AND avoid you....brilliant!

supermoc10: Yeah, but I don't know if he has a power weapon..

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: No guts no glory.

supermoc10: You said it.....1........2.....3!

L3git tossed grenades while you sprang out of cover and engaged derived. Obviously flustered, he targeted you with his DMR. L3git then hopped out of cover as well, and you double teamed him.



You got derived's shields all the way down, but he did the same to you. You ran behind a column for cover while L3git moved in. Derived started to reload his DMR, but then quickly switched to his Needler and fired at L3git. You popped out of cover to land the final headshot


However, enough needles landed into L3git to cause a supercombine.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX:AAAAAH! *booom!*

Infinity Slayer
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#179
supermoc10: Got 'im! ......Dammit. Alright, L3git's probably gonna try coming back here. Hm...Needler and DMR, nope he didn't drop any power weapons.

*clip clop clip clop*

L3git's footsteps could be heard in the vicinity.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: I'm back! Oh look!

SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY killed Iderivedx

Infinity Slayer

supermoc10: We're doing good so far...

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX:...yeah....let's hope, AW CRAP!

You just noticed an Incineration Cannon spawn across the map. The both of you weren't able to pick it up. And you knew derived would try to.

[A]Head to the Incineration Cannon and camp it without picking it up to prevent derived from doing so.
[B]Grab the cannon by switching it out for your secondary. Then just never use the cannon since you can't use ordinance. This way, derived will no longer see it's location on the map, and won't be able to use it. However, is this cheating?
[C]Stay where you are since you have the height advantage. Have L3git do jetpack scouting to know where derived is, and just make him waste his bullets.
[D] Move close to the cannon's location, crouch/camo, and just chuck grenades at derived if he picks it up.
[E] Camp until you notice SLOPPY kill him, THEN engage
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: darknessry

4 years ago#180
B and and give it to L3git instead and have him commit suicide.
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