Dominion Diaries.

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User Info: H3YGUYS34

4 years ago#251
Eating broccoli is good for your health but wings, donuts, cookies, and brownies are good for a spartans health while playing with himself (On halo).

User Info: AcTi0Nz

4 years ago#252

User Info: Whitbane

4 years ago#253
Yeah, let's go with D.

User Info: Uhh

4 years ago#254
B because derived lost there once already

User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#255
[D] fitting. Alright got it. One moment.


Iderivedx: Before we start the game, let me just mention two things that will happen during our little session. Pay attention, kids:
I am going to outsmart one of you, and I am going to grant the wish of one of you. When you win the game you will be able to request anything of me that is within my power: Leave Xbox Live permanently, boost your gamer scores and then go away, wipe out the accounts of your enemies, inflate your accounts with Microsoft points, you name it. Anything you want with no catch or silly side effects. That makes for pretty good motivation, wouldn't you say?

He's going to outsmart one of you? What could he mean? The whole game is based upon him outsmarting he going to single any of you out with tricks and mind games?

[Game starting in 3(beep)...2(beep).....1(beep)...(beeeeeep)]

The game loaded and the three of you had your own custom character models out.


The game mode was irrelevant, as you were playing by derived's law.

Iderivedx: I'm gonna go over the rules, so pay close attention:
In order to win this game, the three of you must cross this finish line right here.

Derived motioned at a vivid red marker in the ground near himself. The three of you were about 20 steps from it.

Iderivedx: If you all reach the finish line and are touching it, you win the game. You must not do anything I ask unless I say "Derived says". If I say "Derived says" and you do not do what was asked, you get a strike. If I do not say so, and you do it anyway, you get a strike. If I say so and you hesitate or take too long to do so, you get a strike. After 3 strikes, you lose the game. Do you understand the rules?

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Simon says without the Simon, yeah we get it.

Iderivedx: Then let's begin.

The three of you were no longer in spectator mode, and had possession of your characters, however everything was riding on the match: None of you moved an inch.

You noticed your load out consisted of a rocket launcher. You did not want to switch to your secondary to see what you had because you were not instructed. To be quite frank, the three of you were very nervous.

Iderivedx: Alright now that we're ready, all three of you step forward.

The three of you:..........

No one moved.

Iderivedx: Hahahahahaha, you're not that foolish it seems. This should be amusing. Derived says take two steps forward.

The three of you did so.

Iderivedx:Derived says jump once, and take two more steps forward.

Three three of you hopped, then did as instructed.

Iderivedx: Now take FIVE steps forward.

None of you moved.

Iderivedx: Good, good. Iderivedx says take five steps forward.

[A] Take 5 steps forward
[B] Hop once, then take 5 steps forward
[C] Take a total of 10 steps forward
[D] Say 'good, good' THEN take 5 steps forward
[E] Hesitate before doing so
[F] Do nothing
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: captaingooch19

4 years ago#256

User Info: H3YGUYS34

4 years ago#257
[F] read over and you will see it is f
Eating broccoli is good for your health but wings, donuts, cookies, and brownies are good for a spartans health while playing with himself (On halo).

User Info: Uhh

4 years ago#258

User Info: HorsemanSkip

4 years ago#259
"The battle is never over." -Padan Fain.

User Info: dingiestsafe

4 years ago#260
Definitely F
Gt: Dingiestsafe
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