Dominion Diaries.

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User Info: zetsuhimoze

5 years ago#351
E its always E
Psn zetsu_himoze
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User Info: Whitbane

5 years ago#353
Gotta go [D].

User Info: The_Dark_Wall

5 years ago#354
We must get another D vote or we're doomed. Hes too stupid to reason with and hes got a big gun you'll be killing us all!!!!!
"The only philosophy that is always right is that no philosophy is always right"

User Info: Jaasce

5 years ago#355
This is a tough one.

I guess I'll go D
GT: Jaasce

User Info: dontyoulookatme

5 years ago#356
Does anyone else understand why he's telling them to call him 'Peoples'?
Don't look at me like that

User Info: captaingooch19

5 years ago#357

User Info: IamChaCha

5 years ago#358
[D] SLOPPY:You guys might wanna hang back. I'll deal with this guy.

AmandaPanda89: What are you gonna do?

SLOPPY: He's got infinite ammo right? If he gets close enough he might just start spraying his gun till he cuts us down. There's no cover to hide behind...that won't be good. I'll make sure it doesn't happen.

Total_Reverse: there anything we should do? got grenades?

Unlimited_Bowtie: I do.

SLOPPY: Plasmas?

Unlimited_Bowtie: Yeah

SLOPPY: Then save 'em.

AmandaPanda89: I have frags. Oh, I should toss 'em away from us as a distraction?

SLOPPY: And I'll get the drop on him.

Total_Reverse: But he'll still blindly fire in that direction, you might get caught in the cross fire.

SLOPPY: I'll get the drop on him literally. Wait a bit....I wanna see if I can gage where he is.

AmandaPanda89: Alright.


*Clip Clop Clip Clop*

SLOPPY saw a subtle gleam of silver. The SAW was reflecting light.

SLOPPY: He's over there. Amanda. Toss 'em.

AmandaPanda89: *gulp* (*toss toss*)

......BANG! BANG!



SLOPPY: *FWiiisshshsshshshsh*

SLOPPY jet packed towards the spectacle of light .

LMNTerry: I've got you now! Hra-What the-? Noooooooo!

SLOPPY assassinated Terry.

LMNTerry; No! No! Oh No! no*static* *static* AW******static* *static*...............What's happeni-ng*static* noooooooo*static*

Terry was no more. SLOPPY picked up his SAW.

Total_Reverse: He did it! You got Terry! You saved us....Aaaaah!

SLOPPY: Praatatatttatatatatata!

Unlimited_Bowtie: No! He's coming after us now!

AmandaPanda89: Aaaaaaah! Peoples, why?! Why-.......oooooh!

SLOOPY was rapidly firing directly into the air. This was creating a light through the darkness. Everyone could now see a little bit around them. A forge interior structure seemed to appear in the distance. None of them missed it.

SLOPPY stopped firing.

SLOPPY: Bingo. That's worth checking out.

Unlimited_Bowtie: *phew* heh heh....Hahahahaha!

The trio were relieved. It was the first they had smiled since entering the abyss.

AmandaPanda89: Gave us a little scare there, Peoples.

SLOPPY: Did I now? Heh heh. What, you don't trust me?

AmandaPanda89: Maybe. Heh ...Maybe you ought to let us know a little more about yourself. Keep the mystery at bay. Gave a girl a heart attack just then....

SLOPPY: Maybe.



AmandaPanda89: Uh, um should-should we go check that thing out? Maybe it-it's um...yeah...

SLOPPY: Heh heh heh. Lead the way.

They all proceeded towards the forge structure. answer your question earlier, yes it's possible to get out of here. It's possible to theory.

Total_Reverse: Theory?'s not a sure fire thing? You don't know for sure?


Unlimited_Bowtie: Then...then how can you-

AmandaPanda89: He managed to get in here willingly didn't he? I'd say his theory's reliable enough in my book. Right Peoples?


Though none could see it, SLOPPY let off a smirk.
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: IamChaCha

5 years ago#359
[A] Use SAW to eliminate trio. They're only slowing you down
[B] Attempt to free the trio, then look for L3git solo. They've been here for hours. Make it easy for them
[C] Use trio to help you find L3git, then leave altogether later
[D] Use SAW to threaten trio into doing what you ask. You're in charge here.
[E] View perspective of derived and our hero
[F] Ask trio about what derived made them do, and their adventures in the abyss.
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: Jaasce

5 years ago#360
C, I like these guys. (and girl)
GT: Jaasce
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