Dominion Diaries.

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User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#371
AmandaPanda89: I.....I don't know, I'm sorry Peoples. That...that's the person you're looking for?

SLOPPY: Yes. Don't worry, it's alright.

AmandaPanda89:........ didn't tell the others? started this off with wanting to ask me something. What was it?

AmandaPanda89: I never saw that notification when we saw others down here. I figured it was because the person who joined was special. Sent-by-derived-special. I thought it was another Terry- someone who had come to eliminate us. I....I didn't care anymore. I figured I should just let it happen. Let them do what they wished. My console had been on for soooo long...I was tired and I...I just didn't care...


AmandaPanda89: ...but when we followed the trail that ended up being you-and we decided to ambush you thinking you were Terry....the way....the way Bowtie and Reverse brainstormed to figure out a plan of attack...the way we huddled together trying to figure out what to do so that none of us were left showed me that they didn't give up. They didn't lose hope like I did. That was...very selfish of me not telling them. THEY didn't not care. My question you think that makes me...a .. 'bad guy?'

[A] I have to be honest, that was selfish of you. They have a lot at stake as well, it isn't up to you to deny them that
[B] The eff do I look like, a therapist?! Hurry on over to that structure and let's stop wasting time!
[C] It does. But you can make up for it. My friend is in trouble. Help me find him and you'd have redeemed yourself.
[D] You've been forced into a situation. You worked together, sure , but that doesn't mean you're responsible for them. No. You did nothing wrong
[E] It''s not really for me to say, sorry. Don't have much more than that. But don't worry, it's what you do now that counts, not the past
[F] You're not a 'guy'. Your argument is invalid
[G]Incineration canon
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: xplayer55

4 years ago#372
I'll Bing your Yahoo with my Google...
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User Info: zetsuhimoze

4 years ago#373
Psn zetsu_himoze

User Info: H3YGUYS34

4 years ago#374
Eating broccoli is good for your health but wings, donuts, cookies, and brownies are good for a spartans health while playing with himself (On halo).

User Info: The_Dark_Wall

4 years ago#375
Really wanting a " ya that's great going to find legit " option
"The only philosophy that is always right is that no philosophy is always right"

User Info: supermoc10

4 years ago#376
PSN & Xbox Live: supermoc10
"Mr Zurkon does NOT come in peace"

User Info: Jaasce

4 years ago#377
GT: Jaasce

User Info: dontyoulookatme

4 years ago#378
Even if it IS a little manipulative...
Don't look at me like that

User Info: DlCKJUSTlCE

4 years ago#379
G because it always gets the job done.

User Info: captaingooch19

4 years ago#380
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