Dominion Diaries.

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User Info: espraile

5 years ago#381
Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

User Info: IamChaCha

5 years ago#382
[C]SLOPPY: It does. But you can make up for it. My friend is in trouble. Help me find him and you'd have redeemed yourself.

*clip clop clip clop* AmandaPanda89:'re right. No sense crying over spilled milk...Thanks, Peoples. It's a testament to-

Unlimted_Bowtie: Whoa! We got something!

AmandaPanda89: What?

Unlimited_Bowtie: Come here!

Reverse and Bowtie reached and were already exploring the structure. There were dim lights inside it. It appeared to be the shape of the interior small building in Complex, where the blue team spawns.

*clip clop clip clop*

SLOPPY: .....

Total_Reverse: Look, it's a covenant weapon, laying here on the ground.


It was a Covenant Carbine.

SLOPPY: He's here.

*clip clop clip clop*

Unlimited_Bowtie: Who's here?

Total_Reverse: A good guy? A bad guy? Someone who knows you, Peoples?

Unlimited_Bowtie: What do you mean, 'you Peoples?'

Total_Reverse: What do you mean, 'you Peoples?!'

AmandaPanda89: Will you guys stop it! (to SLOPPY) your friend...what, you think he's near?

*clip clop clip clop*

SLOPPY: He had that weapon on him when we was sent. This could-OH! I get it!

Total_Reverse: ?

SLOPPY:We're currently on Longbow.

Unlimited_Bowtie: How could you know that?

*clip clop clip clop*

SLOPPY: The person I'm looking for has to be close since the gun didn't disappear. He could have been wandering around till he reached a section of the abyss that was actually another map's background. But now I know that's not the case.

AmandaPanda89: Why?

SLOPPY: Think about it, why would that notifi-er....


SLOPPY: You know that...thing...that came up earlier?

AmandaPanda89: What are you...ooh, that, yeah

SLOPPY: You never saw it before till now. It's gotta be because we're still actually within the same ongoing game that I came in from. Derived is on the other side of where we are right now. He sent the guy I'm looking for here, and so we're still within Longbow...enough for the join-um...the its thing...

AmandaPanda89: The thing to pop up, of course! Because like you said earlier, this isn't really an abyss- a random space in the game. It's a forged together collection of map backgrounds. So that...thing...

SLOPPY: Yes..the thing...



SLOPPY: Um...there was and I?

SLOPPY: Er...the thing...kinda lead thing?


Total_Reverse: You make out what he's saying?

Unlimited_Bowtie: I don't know, I think he might be coming on to me.

Total_Reverse: Ah, I see.

Unlimited_Bowtie: Peoples, while I am indeed flattered by the prospect-

SLOPPY: Forget it! Just know that we're on Longbow, alright?!

*clip clop clip clop*
For the past few minutes, the group didn't notice the faint sounds of footsteps.

Total_Reverse: So he's here somewhere huh?

SLOPPY: Yeah. But that's not all. Getting out of this place starts with knowing what part of the map you're on. We'll get to that later. Let's find him.

Everyone ventured past the structure and towards more darkness as they looked around for clues. They came across a row of covenant energy shield struts in the ground. This provided more light.

SLOPPY: Hm...this might prove useful
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: IamChaCha

5 years ago#383
The bright light of an armor ability pickup was beside SLOPPY: Hardlight shield. He swapped his Jet pack out for it.

Total_Reverse: Hello? Is anyone here?


SLOPPY fired into the air once more to provide light.

Unlimited_Bowtie: I saw something! There's someone huddled by the shields.

They approached slowly.

Unlimited_Bowtie: I'll check it out, you guys wait here...

AmandaPanda89: (whispering) wait, you don't know who else it could be!

Bowtie already walked forward.

Unlimited_Bowtie: Hey...hey there buddy, got a mic?

The person said nothing. Their back was to Bowtie. He walked a little closer.

Unlimited_Bowtie: Hey man, are you...are you Peoples' friend? You- huh?

Bowtie was pushed back as soon as he neared the person.

Unlimited_Bowtie: What...what is this an invisible wall?

Bowtie was unable to pass. He tossed a plasma grenade.


A blue spectacle appeared and subsided, but did nothing to the wall. The person, however, noticed the light, and turned to face the source.


Unlimited_Bowtie: can't hear me? Hello?

The person stood for a time. Then they turned their back to Bowtie once more, ignoring him.

Unlimited_Bowtie: That....that armor looks familiar...

The rest of the group joined Bowtie.
The grenade flash prompted them to see what was up

SLOPPY: L3git! L3git, it's you!

Unlimited_Bowtie: He can't hear you. There's some kind of invisible force field around here.


The person was indeed L3git. However he seemed pretty disinterested in Bowtie. He was there by himself; another inhabitant of the abyss would be assumed to interest him. But alas, he just kept to himself.

SLOPPY: I see. It's not a force field. It's your ticket out of here.

Total_Reverse: Huh?

SLOPPY: I'm not part of the abyss. My character model wasn't transported here, so I should be able to pass through.

*clip clop clip clop*
The footsteps stopped. Their source was dangerously near.

[A] I'm gonna go talk to him, then I'll tell you how to get out of here. Stay here. I'll be back
[B] You guys, thanks for the help. It's indeed the person I'm looking for. I can't keep leading you around like this. I'll tell you what you have to do to get out of here, but I'm going to see my buddy. Goodbye guys.(tell them how to escape)
[C]......Something I gotta get you guys out of here quick. Thanks for all your help. I think it's best you don't stay here any longer. Time to go home.(show them how to escape)
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: DlCKJUSTlCE

5 years ago#384
C because I'm feeling nice.
(message deleted)

User Info: supermoc10

5 years ago#386
PSN & Xbox Live: supermoc10
"Mr Zurkon does NOT come in peace"

User Info: AcTi0Nz

5 years ago#387

User Info: H3YGUYS34

5 years ago#388
Eating broccoli is good for your health but wings, donuts, cookies, and brownies are good for a spartans health while playing with himself (On halo).

User Info: zetsuhimoze

5 years ago#389
Psn zetsu_himoze

User Info: captaingooch19

5 years ago#390
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