Dominion Diaries.

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User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#391
[C] SLOPPY: Look, you know when an ordinance comes down, there's a flash of light, and then it drops down shortly after?

Total_Reverse: Mhm.

SLOPPY:Within that short time from when the light flashes till the game determine's the ordinance's values, there's a small loading sequence. I found out that these walls in here are in place in the background, under the hood to prevent certain kinds of crashes. If you press start and go to leave game the second one of the light-flashing animation starts, within that small window of time, you'll be able to exploit the ordinance loading mechanic to temporarily reset the game state, and allow yourself to leave the game before derived's hack parameters kick in.

Unlimited_Bowtie:.....I...when we go to the menu, all the options are dimmed mean to say when an ordinance comes down in their map we'll be able to select 'end game'?

SLOPPY: Only when you're in an active game, yes.

Total_Reverse: So if the wall vanishes...

SLOPPY: It means an ordinance was called, random or otherwise. And you should immediately go to 'end game' to leave. The wall is a crash fail safe for when an ordinance gets called indoors. It doesn't work then.

AmandaPanda89: Are....are you ever gonna tell us how you know all this, Peoples? This is good news but....It feels like goodbye...

SLOPPY: hear that?

AmandaPanda89: Hm?

SLOPPY:.....never mind; look, for me I can just walk through the barrier, so it won't work. One of you has to keep walking against the wall, and once you're able to walk through the others can quickly press 'end game'. Or we can just count seconds in our head till the next ordinance spawns.

Unlimited_Bowtie: I'll do it. I'll walk along the walls. You guys press start and wait.

Total_Reverse: You sure?

Unlimited_Bowtie: Positive. Thanks for this, Peoples. You''re a real life saver man.

Bowtie started walking against the wall.

Unlimited_Bowtie: You guys ready?

Total_Reverse: Yeah. Thanks man.

AmandaPanda89: Um, you go first Reverse. I'll...I think maybe we should go one by one.


The trio were a little anxious. This was big for them. No longer will they have the overwhelming feeling of dread- losing all of their-

Total_Reverse: Oh! It's highlighted! Thank you so much, Peoples! Guys! Everyone! Take care!
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#392
Bowtie passed through the barrier.

Unlimited_Bowtie+AmandaPanda89: BYE REVERSE!

Bowtie walked back in as Reverse disappeared. It was very heart warming.

SLOPPY started to count to himself

Unlimited_Bowtie: worked! He's free!

Some time passed...

SLOPPY: ...53Mississippi, 54 Mississippi....

AmandaPanda89: Oh, right! The next Ordinance should spawn in a minute or so? Get ready''s been a pleasure.

Unlimited_Bowtie: Thanks Amanda. Peoples...I-

SLOPPY; Bowtie go to towards the covenant shields, now!

Unlimited_Bowtie: Huh? Al...alright

Though puzzled, Bowtie did what he was asked.

SLOPPY: You still have a plasma grenade, left? The next ordinance will spawn in 3 seconds. Chuck the grenade directly in the center of the shields, then quickly press start and get ready to go. It's been real. See you on the other side.

Unlimited_Bowtie: Uh okay. Thank you again. Bye guys!

Bowtie tossed his final plasma grenade, and right before it exploded, he vanished.


The shields were gone, destroying the only light source of the area.

AmandaPanda89: What was that f-Eeeeek!

An unknown assailant came from behind and presented a Scattershot right at Amanda's back. At that range , it was a 1-shot kill.

zZz420xswagxkUsH: Move, and you're done. I'm not ******* around, m***** ********!

AmandaPanda89: (whispering) Peoples! Help!

It was too risky to use the SAW. Any little sound would make him shoot. SLOPPY thought fast and did what he could by killing the lights. Does the assailant know he's there, now that it's dark?

[A] Help Amanda(chance of fail ???%)
[B] (Whisper) I need you to trust me: Find out what he wants, he won't shoot you if he wants something.Stall him, I'll be back. I promise. (Go see L3git)
[C] YOYO, baby! (You're on your own)
[D] Hey, there's of us here! Yeah, that's it! If you don't drop your weapon, you won't make it outta here alive!(lie)>reveal location<
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: H3YGUYS34

4 years ago#393
Eating broccoli is good for your health but wings, donuts, cookies, and brownies are good for a spartans health while playing with himself (On halo).

User Info: dingiestsafe

4 years ago#394
Gt: Dingiestsafe

User Info: DlCKJUSTlCE

4 years ago#395
B for the win

User Info: supermoc10

4 years ago#396
PSN & Xbox Live: supermoc10
"Mr Zurkon does NOT come in peace"

User Info: zetsuhimoze

4 years ago#397
Psn zetsu_himoze

User Info: HorsemanSkip

4 years ago#398
"The battle is never over." -Padan Fain.

User Info: espraile

4 years ago#399
Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

User Info: captaingooch19

4 years ago#400
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