Dominion Diaries.

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User Info: zetsuhimoze

4 years ago#41
D just gotta finish the song. Then maybe c
Psn zetsu_himoze

User Info: dontyoulookatme

4 years ago#42

Grab the reaper
Don't look at me like that

User Info: Iheartpancreas

4 years ago#43

Nice hidden meaning to xxlegitnoscopesxx

Think I'll make that as my next gt
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User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#44
2ndSoldier: Alright, let's get that Wraith!

The two of you left the base and ran for the terminal.

2ndSoldier: I'll be the driver. I'm kinda good at driving the-

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Shotgun! Whoooohoohohooo! This is cool! It's like I'm gliding!

2ndSoldier: Hrugh! Fine, I'll be the gunner.

You hopped in the gunner seat and looked around for enemies.

2ndSoldier: Whoa! Just got hit! I think we're being sniped!.....Oh never mind, it was just a stray crossmap DMR shot.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: 'The memoir?'

2ndSoldier: DMR. The gun everyone complains about.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Was that the gun I was shooting in the air earlier? Lol, that gun takes like no skill to use! Just look at it; it's purple!

2ndSoldier: That's the Covenant Carbine.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Covenant...oooh! I remember that! That's the thing you put on so you can walk around the abyss, after beating that wolf right?



2ndSoldier:................Could you be possibly talking about the Covenant of Artorias an item from Dark Souls, an entirely different game?

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Oh yeah that's what it was. I should have known: 'carbine's a kind of gun right? Yeah so that must've...okay....

2ndSoldier: in the HELL did a noob like you manage to get that far in Dark Souls of all game-

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Oh! Sorry to cut you off, brochacho, but we got tango-6 o'clock!

A single enemy was running towards a friendly base in the distance.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: The score's tied and the game's almost over. I think they'll win if he's successful!

2ndSoldier: Good eye. Then let's-

???:*Static* Don't *static* *static*

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Gee, someone needs to fix their mic.

lderivedx: Two teammates in the Wraith: There's a huddle of 4 enemies moving towards Charlie. A well placed shot will take them all out and win us the game. Please hurry.

2ndSoldier: Oh wow, quick L3git! Let's-

You both noticed the name of the person trying to speak on the mic. The one with the static.

SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY: Don't do it! Guys in the Wraith, don't go there. Head where you were originally going. NOW!

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: What the hell?

lderivedx: They're still huddled together. You're not too far from them.

SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY: Don't listen to him! Just go where you were going to t *static* *static*

2ndSoldier: The hell is this all about?

You checked the scoreboard.

lderivedx was at the top. That guy might know what he's doing.

[A]Go for the overkill before they cap Charlie. Think of your team. The other guy's trying to troll you
[B]He wouldn't try to stop us for no reason; head for solitary enemy
[C]Check SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY's position on the scoreboard
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: zetsuhimoze

4 years ago#45
Id go with A
Psn zetsu_himoze

User Info: GotThat415Swag

4 years ago#46
A all day
XBL: A Percussionist

User Info: The_Dark_Wall

4 years ago#47
D blast gangnam style over everything
"The only philosophy that is always right is that no philosophy is always right"

User Info: dontyoulookatme

4 years ago#48
A just cause all the kids are doing it.

Woulda chose B otherwise...
Don't look at me like that

User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#49

zetsuhimoze: Look the guy with the messed up mic seems to have a good reason for-

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Dude we can't let those guys get away! If they hunker down, we're finished!

zetsuhimoze:Alright, alright, let's get them!


L3git moved the Wraith into position. The dots were starting to pop up on the radar. You took a glance at the clock. 15 seconds left on the clock!

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: There they are!


There was in fact a cluster of enemies as the mysterious teammate had mentioned. They weren't expecting you.


xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: We got 'em!

zetsuhimoze: Nice! We-



xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Nice! Just in the nick of time! We did it! We d-....defeat? Wha?

zetsuhimoze: What the hell happened? I was checking the scores, there's no way they could have outscored us...

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Ah man...we were so close too....damn.

zetsuhimoze: I'm....I'm a little confused here...

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Oh well.

The match ended. You were now in the end game lobby.

zetsuhimoze: Hm....oh yeah, we got an invite from the same person earlier right? Let's see what he has to say.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Oh yeah!

The two of you entered the messages tab on the dashboard and selected the party invite.


zetsuhimoze: Hello? Can you hear me?


xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Alright I can see you...and..can both of you hear me?

zetsuhimoze: Hey, you invited us earlier?

SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY: What do you guys want now?

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: You sent us-

SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY: And you refused to accept back when it counted. It's too late now. Beat it.

zetsuhimoze: Wait were in that game we just played. You wanna clue us in as to what that was all about? Why were you yelling at us over the mic?


[SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY has left your Xbox Live Party]

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Uh...dude, I don't think he likes us.

zetsuhimoze: Hm........hold on a sec, L3git. I'm gonna head into the theater real quick.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Oooh, what are you gonna see? Are you gonna see the Hobbit? That movie was awesome. Of course I thought the ending was kind of a cop out but-

zetsuhimoze: No no, the game has a built in theater feature. I'm gonna go check out the last game.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: I see. Although it might be dangerous to head in there alone. Maybe if I sent you a friend request, you might be able to-

[zetsuhimoze left your Xbox Live party]

After selecting the match and skipping to the last seconds, you took an aerial view of the environment.

zetsuhimoze: Okay that's us right there....mhm....yup that's the four enemies.....and that's the one lonely enemy heading to the base we initially wanted to....whoa....hold up....he's got two other people in front of him? Oh wow...we couldn't have noticed that from our position....I think we still woulda come out on top...wait a minute.....but...that would mean there were 7 enemies total in that last game. That's impossible, this is Dominion, it's not 14 on 14!

You swiveled the camera towards the group of four.

zetsuhimoze: ....ooooooh....

The four guys you took out in the Wraith were actually two. They both used holograms.

zetsuhimoze: How didn't we notice? I see...But....I.....I don't get- was that guy sabotaging us?

[A]Attempt to message SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY for answers
[B]Join up with L3git and explain the new developments
[C]Head into MM
[D] Negatively review SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY for kinda being a douche
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: GotThat415Swag

4 years ago#50

I'm getting in this story dammit
XBL: A Percussionist
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