Dominion Diaries.

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User Info: supermoc10

4 years ago#401
PSN & Xbox Live: supermoc10
"Mr Zurkon does NOT come in peace"

User Info: Jaasce

4 years ago#402
Welp, B.
GT: Jaasce

User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#403
zZz420xswagxkUsH: Yeah I followed you punks. Killed that other guy for his SAW, huh? Pity you didn't check what else he had.

The culprit's Scattershot glowed.

zZz420xswagxkUsH:Heard you guys talking bout gamerscores, Microsoft points and credit cards. That diabolical scumbag der...idexter or what not said we lose everything when we leave this place? Well I haven't been able to find a way out, but I've got stuff to do. Now you're gonna tell me the info to one of your alt XBL accounts. I think I can handle losing the stuff on mine, 'slong as I don't have to start from scratch.

AmandaPanda89:....I....I don't have an alt accoun-

zZz420xswagxkUsH: Don't lie to me! Hm....funny, coulda sworn there were more of you. Where're your friends?

The culprit looked around. It was dark.

AmandaPanda89: (whispering)Peoples!

[B]SLOPPY: (Whisper) I need you to trust me:Stall him, I'll be back. I promise

AmandaPanda89: No! No, don't leave me here!Peoples!

SLOPPY passed through the barrier and looked through the dark for L3git.


SLOPPY: L3git! L3git, it's me!

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX:....SLOPPY......he sent you here too?......*sigh* That sucks.

He sounded unenthusiastic and disinterested

SLOPPY: I'm here to get us out!

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: You can leave this place then, huh? That's cool, I guess.

SLOPPY: Yeah, we gotta go now though, someone needs my help

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: They seem to like urination research.


xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: The guys with you. Heard their mics cutting in and out.

SLOPPY remembered how Bowtie passed through the barrier, and Reverse left soon after. When the barrier disappeared, L3git must have over heard them

SLOPPY: Oh yeah, them. They were sent here too. There's only 1 left though. The others made it out of here safely.... research you said?

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: *sigh* Yeah....kept hearing about a 'pee poll?' I'd think other concerns would be floating around being stuck in this place but whatever

SLOPPY: Oh. Anyway, come on Let's go.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX:.........I'm good.

SLOPPY: What?! L3git, we can get out of here.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX:....I deserve to be here. You go on ahead. I guess I'll see yo-

SLOPPY: L3git, stop it! He didn't mean what he said!

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: But it was true. I'm.....I'm an idiot. Don't know why I insisted on tagging along,he wanted to help you by himself. I was more harm than good.

SLOPPY: L3git, we had won the game. You did nothing wrong. Derived said it himself: it was he who he outsmarted, not you! It doesn't matter anymore. We can all be done with this. We can put this behind us. Derived'll think we're here forever, but we won't be.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Bro's in trouble.


xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: I realized this area's still the same map we were on.

SLOPPY: How'd you figure that out?

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX:.....I heard them earlier.

SLOPPY now realized he had no idea what was going on on Longbow between Derived and our hero since he came to the abyss. He left without a word.

SLOPPY: All the more reason to get back in the fight and help your friend!

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: .......He doesn't want to be my friend. Doesn't want to have anything to do with me. You're smart, SLOPPY. You might be able to help him. I'll just...stay here.

SLOPPY: L3git.


SLOPPY: Didn't he say we made a good team?


SLOPPY: Didn't you hear how bad he felt when he saw what was happening to you?
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#404
xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: I fell for a stupid-

SLOPPY: We all fell for something or another during those games, L3git. He yelled, but he didn't mean it. Sometimes the best of friends argue with each other the most-like siblings. But that's only a sign of how close they are. L3git. He's waiting for you. He needs you. And Derived needs to see that he may take us down a notch..


SLOPPY: But we'll bounce back two fold.


The barrier disappeared once more. An ordinance was called in-game. This allowed you to hear the confrontation with the assailant and Amanda.

AmandaPanda89: I-I'm telling you, please! I don't have any other ac-

zZz420xswagxkUsH: ******** ********* I ain't got time for this ********! I'll splatter you right now and find your other buddies later. Makes no difference to me!

AmandaPanda89: Okay okay don't...don't shoot! email is-

The window of time for the barrier to dissipate ended. The conversation was inaudible again.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX:.........looks like your friend needs you.

SLOPPY: Damn, yeah I gotta help her. Look, to get out of this place-

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Wait in the menu screen till 'end game' is highlighted. Right.

SLOPPY: How did you-

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: I heard. But that won't take me to bromeo's game. We're not...'friends', so I can't just join his game.

SLOPPY:........I...I see.....ah! I got it! You have a grenade on you?

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Mhm.

SLOPPY: We're still on Longbow. When the barrier goes off, the game state changes. If you happened to die exactly when that happened..... will be as if I died on the map....right?

SLOPPY: Precisely! You'll simply respawn back on Longbow. Too busy thinking of leaving this place for good, I forgot you had that option.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Cool. I guess I'll see you then. You coming after you help out?

SLOPPY:............................can't. I'm afraid this is a one way trip for me.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: I see.

SLOPPY:..........See you L3git. Be sure to give Derived hell.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Goodbye, SLOPPY.

SLOPPY rushed back past the barrier. The covenant shields respawned. It was now light enough to see what was happening.

zZz420xswagxkUsH: Okay...."" stupid ********! It said the email is invalid!

AmandaPanda89: *gulp*

zZz420xswagxkUsH: You think I like having my time wasted?!

The culprit walked in front of Amanda and melee'd her to prevent her from dying from a beat down, but to show he wasn't playing around

AmandaPanda89: WAIT WAIT, don't kill me, I'm sorry I-I...I just remembered I changed my''s the new one.

zZz420xswagxkUsH: You know what? Too late. I'll get if off your other buddies. I know I heard 'em, so they're here somewhere. You're through, scrubette!

He aimed the Scattershot

AmandaPanda89: NO!

SLOPPY ran in front of Amanda and took out his hardlight shield

zZz420xswagxkUsH: BANG!

The bullets from the Scattershot bounced off and hit the assailant

zZz420xswagxkUsH: Wha-wha-NOOOOOOO!*static* *static*ooooooo

SLOPPY: HRUGH.....ugh....

The assailant was disintegrating into an orange array of dust, as was common for a Promethean weapon death.

AmandaPanda89: Peoples! Peoples you saved m-.......oh no...

More than half of the bullets that bounced off, however, made contact with the newly regenerated shields and hit SLOPPY as his shield wore off. He was disintegrating slowly as well.

If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#405
SLOPPY: Well....well that didn't go as expected. No worries. At least you're safe. *static* *static* guess......guess it's just you left huh? Be sure to press*static* start and*static*

AmandaPanda89: Peoples, no! You....I....

SLOPPY: I'm gonna be alright, don't worry. You take care now, alright? Didn't expect to meet with you down here. But I'm glad I did.

AmandaPanda89:...I.......I am too, Peoples...

SLOPPY was almost entirely disintegrated.

AmandaPanda89: But...your...your

SLOPPY: Don't worry about me. Next ordinance spawns in a few seconds, you ready?

AmandaPanda89:......y-....yeah........will.....will we ever meet again?

SLOPPY: Of course. Don't worry*static* I'll....I'll find you. Heh heh heh.....cause the funny thing is........this isn't even my real gamertag

AmandaPanda89: You still don't tell the whole story huh? Not even if we meet again will you tell me more about you?

SLOPPY: maybe....*static*....maybe..

SLOPPY and Amanda said their goodbyes. The both of them left the abyss, though in different ways.

[A]View our hero and Derived's perspective
[B]View L3git's perspective
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?
(message deleted)

User Info: supermoc10

4 years ago#407
I'd like to know how you handle the choices the character we're not following's choices.

Anyway, I'm thinking B
PSN & Xbox Live: supermoc10
"Mr Zurkon does NOT come in peace"

User Info: DlCKJUSTlCE

4 years ago#408
B. He has become my favorite character and I need to see if he makes it back safe.

User Info: zetsuhimoze

4 years ago#409
Psn zetsu_himoze

User Info: H3YGUYS34

4 years ago#410
Bbe gun. I choose [A] we havent seen our heroes come on choose a
Eating broccoli is good for your health but wings, donuts, cookies, and brownies are good for a spartans health while playing with himself (On halo).
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