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(message deleted)

User Info: Uhh

4 years ago#422
d'oh i am not the tiebreaker, but A

User Info: Jaasce

4 years ago#423
Hard choice.
GT: Jaasce

User Info: cyberdragon5

4 years ago#424
What has become of our heroes?
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User Info: supermoc10

4 years ago#425
cyberdragon5 posted...
What has become of our heroes?

More like what has become of TC?
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User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#426
(Sorry for the delay, guys. 57 hour work week and weekend shenanigans)



H3YGUYS34:Goddamn it!

Respawning in 5......4.......3......

H3YGUYS34:He's got freaking rockets. Crap....

Derived receded into the A base.

H3YGUYS34:Damn, what should I do? Should I wait for a power weapon, then challenge him? Maybe I can get at him airborne with a jet pack...I'll make him miss some shots. If I land near him, and he decides to fire then, we'll both be taken out....but he'll no longer have 'em......crap, what should I do?!

You were drenched with regret. Things were not going in your favor, and you realize that propositions made in anger and desperation were not well thought out or wise.


You weren't able to decide on a different load out before you respawned. Thoughts started to race through your head. L3git was gone. Derived said he couldn't bring him back if he wanted to. SLOPPY abandoned you-walked away without even saying 'thank you,' or at the very least, 'goodbye'. This painful fact lingered in your mind. Did you make a mistake?

H3YGUYS34:Alright C's gonna be resupplying soon. I'm not waiting around for a power weapon, time's running out......why am I even doing this?

Derived had told you the game was over. He said you were victorious, even though he 'won'. He gave you the opportunity to exit the game and be done with him and his games forever. But the overwhelming guilt with L3git...the betrayal from didn't want it to end like that.

You crouched.

H3YGUYS34:Okay, he's not here...

You infiltrated the B base and started to capture it. A was still in Derived's control.

H3YGUYS34:Gah! What have I done?! He's gonna win this, and even if he doesn't, he's just gonna pull some stupid trick!

Some time ago, Derived's finger was on the button to exit the game as your yelling to bring L3git back fell on deaf ears. Your, frankly, pathetic offers and suggestions did not intrigue him in the slightest. He was pretty much done having fun with you and was going to move on, but you just couldn't end it that way.

Had he not heard you until a second later, he would have already exited the game, leaving you free to go. But one proposition you made did intrigue him. One that you honestly would not gain much from at all, as L3git couldn't be brought back. One that was heavily in Derived's favor. One that he enjoyed the concept of, though none the less desperate. One that you terribly terribly erred in making.

H3YGUYS34:Alright B's capped. I wonder if he's gonna come here or if he'll try as make a sneak attack to my b-AAAH!



He got you again.

Respawning in 3.....2.....1......

You were back at your base. He was now at B.

H3YGUYS34:What's your move now, huh *********? What next?

You were afraid he would follow you to your base and take it after securing B. You'd be skunked and he could eliminate you to win the game....but...
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User Info: z_Undisplayed

4 years ago#427
Read this all in one sitting. My eyes hurt. [A]
Guilt is always a self imposed burden, but is not always rightly imposed.
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User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#428
[Fortified Bravo.]

Derived let B get fortified.

H3YGUYS34:Hm? He didn't cap B? Crap, is he coming for me?

An ordinance came down that was a beacon of least it was until the light subsided and you saw it was a Battle Rifle and not a power weapon. You stood no chance if he rushed you indoors. You carefully left the base to see if you could spot him. You did.

Derived was outside the B base's entrance just....standing there.... He still hadn't taken B, so you still controlled it.

H3YGUYS34:What.....what is he doing?

Judging by how little time there was left on the clock, Derived had to take A from you and kill you to have the momentum to win. You had to.....hmm....

You were now in Derived's view. You both stared at each other.

It occurred to you that to win, all you had to do was wait. C would resupply shortly, and in 10 seconds, so would B. This would give you 60 points. You calculated the time it would take for Derived to come back...there was less time on the clock available than time it would take for him to get points through capture and holding.

You walked forward a bit.

Derived switched from his DMR to his rocket launcher. He then switched back.


You stopped. He's obviously showing you not to come near...but yet he's still letting B stay in your c-!

You realized what he was doing. He wouldn't let you pass because the only place you could go was A to take it from him. This would cause you to win. You just saw him gain points from a resupply at his base. In about a minute, if you both stood exactly still, he would lose the lead but gain enough points so that the 60 you would obtain would tie the game! He wasn't trying to win, he was trying to force a tie!

H3YGUYS34:That son of a ******! ARRRGH! I knew it!

Your proposition was a 1v1 dominion game on Longbow. You never agreed to solve riddles, but didn't specifically rule them out when you approached him with the deal. A tie breaker would no doubt be decided by solving more of his stupid riddles, and this time you'd be by yourself...and he wouldn't hold back. He planned the whole thing from the start, right down to how many points he'd let you get!

You started to run towards him.

He showed you his rocket launcher once more.


He wouldn't let you win the game, and he wouldn't capture B. His plan was working .

[A] Attempt to run past him and cap A
[B]Attempt to kill Derived
[C]Let the clock run and accept the tie
[D] Invite him to party chat and speak with him. (Also attempt to get him to recap events that took place while SLOPPY was in abyss)
[E]View L3git's perspective
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: z_Undisplayed

4 years ago#429
I guess my vote doesn't count?
Guilt is always a self imposed burden, but is not always rightly imposed.
GT: Pointblank V

User Info: Jaasce

4 years ago#430
E, I wanna see L3git sneak up on Derived and assassinate him or something.
GT: Jaasce
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