Dominion Diaries.

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User Info: Ultrakill876x

4 years ago#471

Go for the binary rifle, since he struck a cord with derived, I don't doubt that derived will go on the offensive when he's done with explaining. You CAN'T miss this opportunity, not anymore
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User Info: Jaasce

4 years ago#472
Deleted my old post, going for B now.
Gonna miss being in the story a few times though.
GT: Jaasce

User Info: z_Undisplayed

4 years ago#473

What will (insert user here)'s reaction be?
Guilt is always a self imposed burden, but is not always rightly imposed.
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User Info: cyberdragon5

4 years ago#474
This is going to [B]e awesome!
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User Info: H3YGUYS34

4 years ago#475
Yeah your right [B]ecause were going to kill dervied.
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User Info: zetsuhimoze

4 years ago#476
Psn zetsu_himoze

User Info: z_Undisplayed

4 years ago#477
Changed my mind to [B]
Guilt is always a self imposed burden, but is not always rightly imposed.
GT: Pointblank V

User Info: z_Undisplayed

4 years ago#478
Does derived have aim-bot?
Guilt is always a self imposed burden, but is not always rightly imposed.
GT: Pointblank V

User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#479

supermoc10: 'Cheated'? What do you mean?


xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Alright, now's my chance...

L3git slowly moved towards the rifle thought I was bluffing when I said I knew people from 343? That I had a lot of influence?

supermoc10: ....

Iderivedx: Kenneth Scott...Frank O'Connor, Kiki Wolfkill....heh....I was just about as in tune with those guys about Halo 4's development process as the designers themselves. I knew the hard long hours they took on the weekends....the tense meetings. They can all attest that my uncle was no doubt hard at work there at 343.


xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Derived's....uncle?

Iderivedx: I remember one such meeting.... 'Do we make this game our own, and bring a brand new experience that can potentially alienate our fans, or do we prove that we can make a Halo game like Bungie, and cause the series to stagnate, putting the proverbial nail in the Halo coffin?' This was the big discussion that kept my uncle up at night. What new things could they bring to the table. Game modes was on the top of the uncle lost days of sleep trying to figure out what new mode they can add. An objective mode.

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Alright here's the rifle.'s on a kind of makeshift pedestal... looks like there's an empty there another one of these missing?!

Iderivedx: I couldn't stand to see him that way. I, as you no doubt can tell, have a way with technology. I decided to help. You see aside from figuring out a new mode, they had to deal with a crushing algorithm bug that prevented them from placing certain objects together. New engine techniques and what not. Well. I took a piece of the game from a flash drive belonging to my uncle, and fixed that bug.


Iderivedx: As for game modes, almost every FPS has a Domination style territories mode. I thought of one that was slightly different. the mode I thought of there were three points to cap. In every shooter the B objective always has the most traffic. Whether it be Call of Duty or Medal of Honor...etc. I put a little spin on that. See, the B objective in my mode, once capped gives the controlling team a point multiplyer for everything you do, from kills to more capture and holds. However, to change the dynamic of everyone fighting for B, capping the base closest to the enemy's spawn will grant you a boat load of points, and fortify that base as your own. This meant that it would be easier to defend as power weapons and vehicles would spawn close to it, but at the same time, it's near the enemy's spawn, meaning an almost incessant stream of attacks until they get their base back. I tested the mode out, and it was incredibly fun and dynamic: Do you cap B and get rewarded from then on out, or do you cap the opponent's base to gain the upper hand for a time, and swing momentum? I called the mode 'Domain.' I saved it onto the flash drive with the version of the game with the fixed bug. Placed it on my uncle's desk and gave him a call. Told him all about it. It was good news before his next day meeting. He was pressured to deliver.

supermoc10: What....what happened?
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User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#480
Iderivedx: Later the next day my uncle told me that they had got a new game mode, and thanked me for everything I did. They wouldn't have figured out how to fix the bug in time. I joked about him getting a promotion. I didn't want anything for what I did, you see... I just wanted to help my uncle. Well, he tells me that he actually never got to present the mode himself because someone took his flash drive from his desk. Yes. They tweaked my game mode, made the fortification mechanic happen to ALL bases captured and called it 'Dominion'. They stole my work, didn't even give my uncle recognition, and had the audacity to call it their own. It doesn't even play well...Dominion is an abortion of a game mode. My uncle didn't mind, as he didn't care for the recognition...he was just happy they made progress with the game.....I find out later that King of the Hill, Snipers, Team Doubles and FFA aren't even permanent playlists BUT THAT DESPICABLE GAME MODE IS?!?

supermoc10: Who....who was the designer that stole your mode? uncle wouldn't tell me. He doesn't want me to take it out on him. He says he's just thankful for my help. Well I don't care...if he won't reveal him to me, I'll just make sure no one ever plays that mode again. And then...343 will crumble. I'll put the algorithm bug back into the code of the game and see if that 'expert' can solve it then. He took credit for it, so he should have no problem fixing it, now should he? Either 343 will collapse at his hands, or he will reveal himself to me. Until then, however...


Iderivedx:......It's riddle time.


The game ended as Derived was talking. L3git and the Binary Rifle were now nowhere to be seen. You were on your own. Though the game ended, the map still stayed in place. You weren't sent to the lobby.

Iderivedx: You got a laptop or smartphone nearby? You're gonna need Google to solve THIS riddle...

supermoc10:....oh God...

Derived saved his best for last. You were doomed.

I cannot be counted.
I cannot be contained.
Sometimes I follow, sometimes I leap.
Without what I generate, your world would not exist.
I am the same as all that contain, but at the same time different.
I give order to all that contain, but am ordered myself.
A section of me is also a piece of me.
I am the Omega.
What am I?

[This is an open ended riddle. You may use any sources, but the answer is not by multiple choice or consensus. You can discus the riddle, but the first user to post an answer will have it chosen as the final answer. Give the answer and explain. Good luck]

supermoc10: bastard!

[A](Please provide answer)
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If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?
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