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User Info: VauntX

5 years ago#1
I picked up a Hauppauge HD PVR to start doing let's plays. I still need to pick up a microphone and some cables...

Anyways, I was thinking about starting up a little channel and putting people's clips from this forum up on it. Just trying to gauge a response to the idea with this thread: how many of you would be interested in such a thing?


User Info: lderivedx

5 years ago#2
I have an entirely mediocre killtac.
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User Info: Nonproduce

5 years ago#3
I dont have anything cool.
If you could magically watch me play F-Zero gx, then I have something to share.
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User Info: SpiduxLimitless

5 years ago#4
I keep forgetting to save my files in the theater. I've got a very underwhelming double assassination clip, that's about it.
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User Info: tubb311

5 years ago#5
I have quite a few clips in my fileshare that i would love to have captured/youtubed. count me in.

User Info: ODomm

5 years ago#6
That sounds like a pretty cool idea. I have a good amount of clips right now I think
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User Info: Jkickit

5 years ago#7
Sure, hit me up, check me out.
I'm interested.
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User Info: darren19822000

5 years ago#8
hey now dont steal my idea. im getting one when i get tax returns and thought that a good way to get practice and learn is to make a halo 4 board tage. just a few clips from everyone in it.
gt darren reefnugs

User Info: MorbiusOFlegend

5 years ago#9
I should have saved my flawless Mantis from yesterday, always forget about clips.

User Info: VauntX

5 years ago#10
Let's run a quick beta of the idea then. Unfortunately, I lack the necessary cabling to record in HD, so it'll have to be component for now (yuck!).

I've set up a channel called halo4clipstest. I've also uploaded a clip of my own: Put it on 480p and it doesn't look too bad.

Post in this thread if you'd like a clip put on the channel. Post your GT and the name of the clip. Only post one clip, and wait till I've got back to you before posting any others.

Try to keep the length of the clip reasonable: if possible, no longer than a minute. If I like the clip, I'll put it up on the channel. I'm a pretty reasonable guy, so I'm not going to turn the clip away just because you missed one shot in your overkill. Just don't want to waste time putting up lot's of worthlessness, so make sure you post your best stuff!

If the reaction to the project is good enough and the time involved on my part isn't too extensive, I'll create a proper channel and upload everything submitted here in 720p HD gloriousness. So don't feel like you're wasting your time posting in here!

Right then: over to you guys.
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