Recording Clips for People

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User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#31
TC look up my GT in File Browser. A few of em are from my friends.
I also have a few gametypes and their maps if anyone wants to download them. Ex: Crash Derby, Dodgeball, and Duck Hunt.
Oh no meng! FF XIII/Skyrim = 100% - --- GT: Gears of Wario
Now Playing: Skyrim, PKMN White 2, and PKMN Crystal.

User Info: MlCKHEAD

4 years ago#32
TC check out 'Haaaail Maaaary' in my fileshare. Its probably the longest range intentional hail mary ever in the history of Halo 4.
GT: MlCKHEAD (the 'I' is actually an 'L')

User Info: MagustheHagus

4 years ago#33
Went 40-3 in my file share.

For all your True Ending needs and other Let's Plays check me out at

User Info: LtCmdrShepard

4 years ago#34
Guys if you want anything recorded send me a message on Xbox Live orYoutube

GT/YT: ShockwaveEXE

Better for me to respond to that <3
Complete Gamerscores: Fallout 3-SWTCW: Republic Heroes-Far Cry 3-Mass Effect 3-Iron Man 2-Naruto UNS Gen-Crysis- Mass Effect 2-Halo Reach-Avatar TLA

User Info: VauntX

4 years ago#35
Well, looks like I got a bit ****-blocked here by my schedule. Bugger. For what it's worth, I will be doing this when I get a chance. Might as well, in spite of any competing parties.

User Info: __bale

4 years ago#36
i have two clips on my fileshare, both are pretty nice.
gt: bale elab bale
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