Perfection Commendation

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User Info: splodesplode

4 years ago#11
They're tough to get but I have a couple. One was on my first game of swat 26-0 another was btb on ragnarok 28-0

User Info: MorbiusOFlegend

4 years ago#12
How many perfections are needed for the commendation ?

User Info: X250

4 years ago#13
MorbiusOFlegend posted...
How many perfections are needed for the commendation ?

According to this, it's 15.

User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#14
Yep, it's the one commendation I know I won't even get a single point for on the commendation screen. Unless I somehow boost it but I don't like boosting for anything unless it's ridiculous/impossible (like the "defend a created championship against 5 different players in 24 hours" achievement in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008).
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User Info: vice_dragon

4 years ago#15
I've one got one perfection in this game so far. kinda wish the announcer voice would yell it at you at the end of the game to let you know. Didn't even know I got it till someone told me in the post game report.
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User Info: GenericSteve

4 years ago#16
I have yet to get one. Even in Flood or Swat where I've gone 20+ & 1. That 1 always comes at the freaking end.

User Info: almightyminiman

4 years ago#17
Seriously not that hard. Get a loadout with DMR, Boltshot, Active Camo, AA efficiency, and Ammo. Camp somewhere in BTB. Easy perfection. If you can pick up a sniper then even easier. Stay in one general area but don't stay in exactly one spot in case a sniper or rocket guy finds you. I got three in one day. Just don't rush out and you'll be fine
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User Info: Veluxier

4 years ago#18
I got 1 perfection on BTIS Ragnarok.

Once I hit the Running Riot by picking people off with the Sniper, I booked it to a safe place.

A teammate also got a Perfection in that same game, but he had the Mantis.
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User Info: DXLR8R

4 years ago#19
I have just one, but I honestly haven't tried to get one on purpose in Halo 4 yet.
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User Info: Demigod_Elessar

4 years ago#20
I have the commendation on expert, and need 4 more perfections to achieve master rank. It mainly depends on the map, and the ordinances I may get, to get a perfection.
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