MLG ruined Reach....Halo 4 is next?

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User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#41
I came in to this topic honestly expecting a joke topic. I was wrong.
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User Info: BlueRunway05

4 years ago#42
bd0g5 posted...



The first laugh should've been three ha's.
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User Info: jester48

4 years ago#43
So in your opinion tc, armor lock, jetpack, AR starts, and garbage like that is better than a balanced nbns dmr start gametype where teamwork is key in order for your team to win?

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4 years ago#44
hey tc

cars ruined professional racing

ban cars h8 them
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User Info: The-Tactician

4 years ago#45
NovaLevossida posted...
The-Tactician posted...
"Battlefield has never been about infantry and it never will."

Team Deathmatch and Close Quarters would like to a word with you.

The Shotguns being crippled, and snipers being bad aren't a problem because the majority of Battlefield players are all Assault Rifle users, you can use shotguns or snipers and have a good k/d.

Semi Auto snipers with 4x and laser sight makes them Assault Rifles.

Who runs around with sniper rifles? How is a gun that ONLY close range useful in a game like Battlefield? Why does you sniper have to be a assault rifle for it to be useful?

Battlefield has a stronger community than Halo: Reach or Gears of War but it's definitely gotten a lot smaller since the all the nerfs.

You know, I was playing BF3 the other day and my friend was party leader and put me on some stupid server with him that banned a lot of things that I didn't read. I took out four guys with what's probably one of the worst guns in the game—the Jackhammer shotgun—who rushed me all at once. Then I was kicked from the game. Oops, shotgun ban. Terrible players banning things they can't counter. Personally, I'd feel ashamed to lose a 4v1 to a Jackhammer with one of the guys trying to flank me.

On the whole, it's not hard to go positive on KD with any gun in its Team Deathmatch and similar modes. I mean I've gone positive just about every time with the Jackhammer and frag rounds which are woefully non-lethal most of the time. Rush and Conquest are different because they're objective modes, but in direct gun confrontations, it's not hard to get any gun to work at its optimum range, except perhaps LMGs which are inferior to ARs when on the move and are easy targets when bipods are out.

Yeah, whenever you go to ANY server in Battlefield 3, the biggest rule across all servers is...

"No shotguns"

"Shotguns = ban"

"No 870, no automatics, no slug, no flechette"(So nothing? Lol).

I'm looking at BF3 RIGHT now, the first four rooms say.

"No shotguns, launchers or C4"

A close range gun in a Battlefield is senseless, in Battlefield 3, all guns had utility to an extent as Battlefield is normally fought long range, and close range doesn't matter matter sense all guns kill the same in close range(Who sees who first).

But the Shotgun was supposed to be the flanking option, taking out multiple targets quickly, but needing 2-3 flechettes to kill one guy makes no sense, and the range is nerfed so it can't even reach far anymore, it's identical to the frag, only it does a tiny bit more damage at longer range, at mid range it can no longer kill, all shots yield markers but the target is never killed.

Remember the Dart gun? Nobody uses it because it got nerfed into oblivion.

Everyone bans shotguns in Battlefield 3 because their Assault Rifle wasn't overpowered enough, strange because the shotguns being over powered weren't a problem in Battlefield 2.
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User Info: mrgreen55

4 years ago#46
Still waiting on how MLG ruined any of these
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User Info: Sahduk

4 years ago#47
im a llama lol look at my little llama smile on my little llama face
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User Info: ssj3blade

4 years ago#48
From: jats605 | Posted: 12/29/2012 3:08:31 AM | #009
How did MLG ruin BF3?
The only change I haven't liked patch wise is making the foregrip freaking useless..

Lol stinger user here boys watch out.
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User Info: RODlMUS_PRlME

4 years ago#49
ololololololo mlg cryhard tears are delicious keep it up babbys lol

User Info: NeeTama

4 years ago#50
Look as much as I dislike MLG and it's effect on people I'm pretty sure they had very litlte to do with reach, at all.

Honestly MLG would be great if it didnt have an effect of turning decent people into cocky jerks with an insatiable need to be the center of attention.

EITHER WAY, no, they didn't ruin reach as long as you didnt play their playlist. (Even then "ruining" would be subjective, i'd just suggest giving MLG players their own playlist again so they can stop complaining and we can stop having to deal with them doing so)
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