I am worst player ever please help.

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User Info: MeleeSonic97

4 years ago#11
It's all about aim in Halo. Consistent headshots. This isn't call of Duty where you spray 20 shots and if you connect on 2-3 you get the kill. You need solid, consistent aiming. Keep practicing with the DMR.
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User Info: GoldenSWarriors

4 years ago#12
forthnback posted...
Good job dude. If you want, I'll be on tomorrow and we can play a few matches. I can help offer some better advice after I've seen you play.


GotThat415Swag posted...
Go warriors!

Yeah! Celtics going down today.

Anyways, the battle rifle has now been working really well for me too. I went 16-5-5 with it, but I only seem to have good games on the map adrift. I kinda still suck at every other map. They are too open and I get shot from everywhere.
GT: F3rocious Panda

User Info: zetsuhimoze

4 years ago#13
Well i learned with ragnarok its easier to get kills if you stay near your base(not inside just relatively close). It seems the enemies tend to expect you to either charge them or attack from the opppsite side. Also most of the maps require a little tweaking to your strategy. You can't expect what works on one map to work on the others. And the dmr will be your best friend
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User Info: NewTypeTJ

4 years ago#14
Wow, someone asks for help, and instead of a bunch of jerkass answers, people ACTUALLY gave thoughtful answers and help?


LOL there may be hope for Game FAQs yet...

On topic, yeah, this is not a game that will reward spray and pray for the most part. The DMR, BR, and LR are gonna be your best friends, I personally prefer the BR to the DMR, since it is much better in close quarters, though admittedly it is weaker at range than the bastardly DMR. heh.
Another thing that dooms newer players is to SLOW DOWN YOUR FIRING RATE! Just because you CAN blast rapid fire DMR and Magnum shots doesn't mean you SHOULD. You will find much better consistency when you find the right firing cadence. Space the shots a bit and you will score more accurate shots as you figure out the best rate of fire.

Hope that helps, welcome to the jungle buddy, just remember, keep at it, everything gets easier with practice and repetition.
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User Info: Futureeee

4 years ago#15
^ What you said, I'm really surprised people weren't being complete asses about it. Keep up the good work dude!

Something that helped me get better at Halo was watching a lot of game play videos from better players, it teaches you new tricks and techniques that can really help your playstyle.

User Info: dweeeeb2

4 years ago#16
At end of game see who performed the best. Go to theatre mode and watch their game.
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User Info: xxxjakob999xxx

4 years ago#17
haha tc is really bad http://www.halotracker.com/H4/F3rocious%20Panda

User Info: dweeeeb2

4 years ago#18
Thanks Jacob999
XBL/PSN GT: dweeeeb

User Info: Dville_Weezy

4 years ago#19
Knowing the maps will be huge, along with using the right weapons. If you've played previous games, you know what you do best- play your style around that. If you're shaky at long range (I'm only decent), don't engage every guy you see off in the distance unless you're confident (land the first shot), or if you're assisting someone else in a firefight. Find areas that give you the best chance to get kills. For me, I like the hill on Ragnarok- long sight lines for the DMR, but the rocks and sloped terrain let me whip out an AR for close range battles. When you get ordinance, it may be a good idea to save it if people are near you and you know you're as good as dead- just respawn and then use it.

For smaller maps, I move around a lot, but am mindful of cover or escape routes in case there's more than one person approaching. If you have a hard time with close quarters, you may want to use camo or hologram to distract enough to get the jump on them. Hell, I use Autosentry and it piles up assists, or gets me potshots and the odd kill. If someone's coming directly at it (the bottom of Haven comes to mind), easy pickings.

Stick together with a teammate, but don't get in their way either. Assists are as good as kills- it goes to the same spot. Don't get ADD- if you have to run, run. At least you survive. Don't crouch behind a rock with two guys surrounding you and expect to do better than 1-1 in the encounter. You'll likely just die. Analyze your bad habits (what gets you killed most), and make a conscious effort to break them. I'm so used to being unscoped after being shot that I still get thrown off sometimes in ranged encounters. If you see red, don't blindly go after it. In a game of patience, a little can go a long way into getting someone camping with boltshot/shotgun to come around the corner...or get baited by a hologram.
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