Do you actually enjoy this game?

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User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#31
Yep, I enjoy the game a lot.
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User Info: Wynter_Madness

4 years ago#32
ssj3blade posted...
From: Wynter_Madness | Posted: 12/30/2012 11:33:32 AM | #022
I enjoy the game for what's worth. It's fun but hits its moments of annoyance, which happens for all games. I like most the maps, regardless of what others may say and I rarely get stuck play the same map over & over. When it comes to balancing in multiplayer, the ratio of power to skill should be higher the lower the amount of skill to do so. Not saying low skill = high power. Matchmaking is random seeing as there is no skill ranking, well not visible & as well as no social playlists. The only way new players have a chance against skilled players is to give the new players something that grants them power with the low amount of skills to use it. Without that, skilled players would just chew out the new players, making them quit. Bad for business. I'm interested in seeing how 343i improves & adds on to Halo; however if it doesn't improve in my eyes, I'll just drop it.

What you described is a casual catering skill gate.

Glad you can read & comprehend.

User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#33
Yes, believe it or not, I, like many other people, enjoy this game. I know it's hard to wrap your head around it, since how can people like games that you don't like? Blasphemy right?

User Info: 0xHakux0

4 years ago#34
Fetus_Feast posted...
or maybe 343 should take note of awesome games such as Halo 2.

Or maybe, and this is just a thought, you could stop playing it and go do something else because no one is forcing you to.

User Info: blackninja4ever

4 years ago#35
It has its problems but yes I still enjoy it. I am hoping a patch will make me enjoy it more though
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User Info: JackhammerM60

4 years ago#36
This game is a broken pile of ass!
With OP weapons, a mediocre selection of maps, weird as **** armors and and a ****ton of other problems!....
This is one of my favorite games I've played, and I've been enjoying the hell out of it every day since I bought it!

In all honesty, I hope some of the patches fix the minor annoyances in this game.
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User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#37
Fetus_Feast posted...
or maybe 343 should take note of awesome games such as Halo 2.

Or you could just go play Halo 2.
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User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#38
whitepsychtiger posted...
iRGush posted...
ODomm posted...
Fetus_Feast posted...
or maybe 343 should take note of awesome games such as Halo 2.

If they made Halo 4 (2) without changing anything from Halo 2, you all would ***** and moan about no innovation. I've said this so many times but I forgot who I'm talking to... Silly me.

Some people you just can't please

In other news, black ops 2 breaks sales records

BO 2 is getting the same levels of hate, if not more on their same forum on here. Considering CoD is now becoming an item where if you just slap the name on it tons of people will but it just because of the name it has.

I've purchased every CoD game between CoD4 and MW3. 5 years of CoD. I opted not to buy this year because despite the enjoyment I have from the franchise, I've bought 5 Call of Duty games. And, I have to say, having played a little bit of Black Ops 2 (my girlfriend's brother got it for Christmas), it definitely is an improvement over the other games. There is a bit more innovation there in relation to the other games, and it's not a simple rehash.

I agree that if you don't put the CoD name on the game, it won't sell as well. That was actually a fear with Modern Warfare 2. They weren't going to call it Call of Duty, but they felt that if the name wasn't there, then the game wouldn't sell as well.
"Gary was here. Ash is a loser!" = Greatest Tramp Stamp Ever

User Info: Mephysto

4 years ago#39
Fetus_Feast posted...
We'll allow you to start with plasma pistols in case you are dying too much from better players who have skill with vehicles.

^^^^ Equates running people over with being better and having 'skill' with vehicles... stopped reading here. My 8 year old offspring can manage this quite easily when you let her in a warthog... by your logic, my 8 year old is skilled at Halo? I should start entering her in tournaments...

Unless you're referring to banshee drivers... in which case, exactly how much skill is required in firing the equivalent of a fuel rod gun at ground targets who don't have a way to defend except running for cover indoors somewhere or finding some weapon that can reach back up to your position way up in the air?

And God forbid someone hop in a Scorpion (another vehicle my 8 year old seems to excel at "piloting")...
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