What is really wrong with Halo 4!

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User Info: Total_Reverse

4 years ago#1
I'm going to sit here and tell you whats wrong with Halo. Here it is.


Thats right. The only thing wrong with Halo is the fact that every complaining, whining, kid out there is ragging on Halo 4. And it's not even real problems. They say Halo is terrible because their Spartan Ops lagged or it messed up and was too slow. Well neither of those things have happened to me, so it's their consoles, discs, or internet. And they blame Halo 4 for it. And some complaints are more legit, like "my teammate betrayed me!" well so what? You lost a gun, or got 1 more death on your K/D. Come on, you've probably done it too other people. And its a video game! And even more it was just a single game! If your bad enough that your K/D is really affected by that then you shouldn't be playing. And so what you lost that gun, you'll what, get like 5 less kills? Seriously. And there are some more legit complaints, but most are just plain stupid.

Whats worse is that only the complainers or whiners post paragraph after paragraph of complaints (and I know, mine is like that) and very few people who actually love the game post why they love it. So most of the feedback tends to be negative. People should start posting why they love Halo, not the minor things wrong with it.

So here is why I love Halo:

It used to have a great community with tons of like-minded people.
The Story had me sitting on the edge of my seat and always left me wanting more.
Was a symbol of how games make consoles great, not the other way around.
Showed that a game can last for 10 years and still excite and surprise players.
Has one of the largest Universes and contains tons of Canon, Non-Canon, and FanFic.
Has great gameplay and is adaptable and isn't afraid of using tried-and-true features.
Has stunning graphics and compelling characters.
It has become the symbol for what a game can do, achieve, and what it can start.

But I certainly do not love it just because its famous, or has a lot of hype.

I completely love it because it opened my mind, showed me fun, gave me friends and most importantly, captured my heart.

So I say we should all use the 2Ps, 1M method. 2 pluses about the game and 1 bad thing about it.

Thank You for reading this post, and I hope you understand my point.

XBL Gamertag: SadisticTurnip4

User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#2

It's not the incomplete features or continued simplification or the ignoring of all but the largest group of players that's hurting the game, but the players who are not satisfied with the product they purchased.
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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#3
Eh, it's a good game. Nothing revolutionary, but it's Halo.

People just like mad.
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User Info: JackieMoon33

4 years ago#4
Graphics are awesome and i love assassinations... 1 bad thing, maps arent too great. But thats why we have forge and customs...

Everyone who likes the game are actually out there playing. All the whiners come here

User Info: dudeasaurus

4 years ago#5
I was expecting to read yet another bashing of the game when I pulled this up...so I was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn't the case.
+1: All the great memories this game has created for me and many of my friends with its extensive replayability.
+2: As you said, it stands for what an original game can become through time and effort.

-1: Simply in my opinion...a perceived pandering to non-tradition Halo players (IE new Halo players) I can understand experimenting with new features and ideas to bring in new fans, but at some point the game must be allowed to bring in fans as is without adding new features. I have never been a fan of armor abilities and consciously do not use them as I feel they don't belong in the Halo Universe that was created in Combat Evolved.

So, TC, I appreciate this post of yours.
I invite you, and any others of you out there who'd want to play online with me, to hit me up on Live sometime...
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If you look me up, I'm sure you'll see my relative lack of time spent with Halo 4...What you won't see is the percentage of my life seemingly devoted to Combat Evolved-Halo 3.
I'm not the best, but I have played my fair share of Halo.
Game On, All!! :D

User Info: JBaLLEN66

4 years ago#6
you mean halo of duty? I sold this game after the first week. Here's some things that urks me. Most of it has something to do with the class system.

1) don't like the class system, go back to starting with an assault rifle and having a race of death to the rocket spawn

2) Don't like the perks, but I wouldn't mind them as much if the game didn't have the class system

3) Again it goes back to the class system, it's caused a defensive style gameplay and this has been a huge problem for even the past cods. I'm an offensive style guy, obviously that wouldn't work too well here, so I'm forced to sit back in a corner and shoot across the map. I don't think this type of gameplay was meant for halo at all.

4) Don't like the weapon spawn thing

5) maps, should be explainable

6) Don't like the ranking system, bring it back to halo 3. I was a proud brigadier in halo 3 because not just any player could get to it, but now it's like cods noob system.
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User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#7
JackieMoon33 posted...
Everyone who likes the game are actually out there playing. All the whiners come here

After getting in a few hours of Halo 4 gameplay first in secret and actually enjoying themselves before putting on their internet tough guy persona when they log into GFaqs.
Getting awfully tired of GameFAQs mods removing my posts for being "offensive" when I've done nothing wrong

User Info: thehelpfulgamer

4 years ago#8
Game is bad for a Halo game. The series has steadily declined in quality since the first one.

Also, this isn't a Halo game. It's CoD wearing a Master Chief Halloween costume.
Bowser: Keeping it real for over 25 years.

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#9
thehelpfulgamer posted...
Game is bad for a Halo game. The series has steadily declined in quality since the first one.

Also, this isn't a Halo game. It's CoD wearing a Master Chief Halloween costume.

Hah, what an awful opinion.
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User Info: 3_ENiGMA_3

4 years ago#10
Hopefully some things like the weapon spawning system after the title update. Community forge maps = no ordinance :D
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