What is really wrong with Halo 4!

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User Info: YoshiKid115

4 years ago#21
lderivedx posted...
Why is it the terrible players who always want to dictate what skill is?

>Caring about skill in video games
>Practically 2013

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User Info: Groudon_Uzamaki

4 years ago#22
Thats right. The only thing wrong with Halo is the fact that every complaining, whining, kid out there is ragging on Halo 4. And it's not even real problems. They say Halo is terrible because their Spartan Ops lagged or it messed up and was too slow. Well neither of those things have happened to me, so it's their consoles, discs, or internet. And they blame Halo 4 for it.

You literally are running your mouth without having any clue what you are talking about. The server issues on SO are a widespread problems which has been talked about around 343 and players alike.
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User Info: Total_Reverse

4 years ago#23
I agree that there are actual issues that should be discussed, but I'm saying that people shouldn't sit there and complain about every single thing they think is wrong with the game. They do have a right to state "I think so-so gun is slightly over-powered on so-so map." but they shouldn't say "This game is absolutely terrible because trolling little noobs camp with a freaking so-so gun on so-so map, which is a terrible map to begin with!" It really brings down the atmosphere and could ruin potential fans of the game's view. A person shouldn't miss out on this game because someone raged at the game. So, just state your opinion in a polite, sensible, non-venting way.

BTW why is nobody using the 2Ps 1M system? You guys can at least use a 1P 1M system.
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User Info: Mephysto

4 years ago#24
JBaLLEN66 posted...
Mephysto posted...
JBaLLEN66 posted...
you mean halo of duty? I sold this game after the first week. Here's some things that urks me. Most of it has something to do with the class system.

1) don't like the class system, go back to starting with an assault rifle and having a race of death to the rocket spawn

No... just... no. Using a stopwatch to figure out when weapons are going to spawn =/= skill. Using said power weapons to more easily kill your opponents when they're not given the same advantages =/= skill --- you just have the bigger weapon. When a game can be boiled down to simply "whoever gets to the power weapon first wins", well, then it's actually exactly what you stated it to be - just a race to the power weapon... and skill doesn't play much part in a foot race.

You say being forced to play defensively (by virtue of everyone having access to the same weapons/loadouts) is a bad thing... i say being forced to race to the power weapon in every.. single.. match is just as bad, if not worse. At least with a class system i'm put on more or less equal ground with my opponent and neither of us has advantage due to a simple foot race to the big stick.

I would argue that skill comes more into play when players are made equal in equipment. This is exactly why i enjoyed match types like Swat in the last game over Slayer - everyone was equal in equipment, so the match came down to whoever was quicker / more accurate with their shots... in other words... it came down to skill.

cod fanboy detected

I haven't played cod since black ops... o_O ...your fanboy detector is broken, you may wanna have it looked at by a qualified technician. ;)

Edit: Didn't even notice you were the guy i quoted who was responding... so your only rebuttal to my argument is to call me a fanboy? Dude, that's just sad....

User Info: EliteGuard99

4 years ago#25
Very well TC,

2 Pluses:

1) the graphics are easily better than any other Halo game to date.
2) The campaign had some very interesting character development of MC and Cortana.

The Minus:

1) Everything else falls flat on it's face.
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