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User Info: The_87_Reaper

4 years ago#21
FullMetalMega posted...
Kc57 posted...
MagustheHagus was nice enough to hook me up with several of the armors i was looking for at no cost.

Which ones are you still missing, out of curiousity.

I believe he gave Kc57 Web, Pulse and Raptor.
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User Info: Lutharian

4 years ago#22
Redeemed K6TT3-6J97M-X34YH-G7WJC-TWPJZ. Thanks Magus, and Kc!
GT: SpuddieS101
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User Info: Bodacious_B

4 years ago#23
Thanks a ton for posting the codes. I used GJDW3-DW679-2HWFX-X3MRX-YYQ3Z
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User Info: aflyingpenguin

4 years ago#24
Wow, I still managed to snag one: 9YDHJ-Y6Q4Y-HYRR9-XPXTT-PYRQZ (the third one). Really lucky for me! Thanks KC!
GT: Blue Phobos

User Info: Jaasce

4 years ago#25
Wow, I managed to get one, thanks so much guys!

I got: QX3HT-3GXQ6-2FHJW-2T9JJ-646XZ
GT: Jaasce

User Info: Shade379

4 years ago#26
dam it... too late. :(

All the codes are used.

User Info: KamikazeCactuar

4 years ago#27
From: Shade379 | #026
dam it... too late. :(

All the codes are used.

I have a spare Locus. Got Double xp?
GT - A Lvl1 Krabby

User Info: BlueRunway05

4 years ago#28
Well, dang it. That would've been nice to have. I wished had come on earlier.
Water-It's good for you!-- Hard games are fun... Yes, you, Dark Souls.

User Info: MagustheHagus

4 years ago#29
Lol you are all welcome, and you are quite welcome as well Kc. Hope to see you all online!

For all your True Ending needs and other Let's Plays check me out at

User Info: Materia-Keeper

4 years ago#30
Anyone got a spare Web? I'll pay lol
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