What's a good win percentage?

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User Info: Bbrendoshi

4 years ago#11
Considering quitting is much more "acceptable" these days (heck, in 4 I don't even notice the drop in team power when we're down a man, in reach/3 it could be horrible), I'd guess win/loss isn't that much of a problem.

That said, after near 500 games, I have a 67% win rate, along with a k/d of 1.83. I'd consider myself good, but there are obviously a lot of people who are much better than me.

Really though, as long as you're having fun it shouldn't matter too much. Only when the amount you win/lose has a direct impact on how you feel about the game (ie, losing 10 games in a row can put a damper on your mood) should it really matter too much.
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User Info: L337_Muffen

4 years ago#12
Hell I have a 52% win rate, really depends if you play with randoms or friends, a majority of my games are randoms, so I would consider my win rate good, but if you play with friends more than a team of randoms than 60%+
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User Info: DSquarius

4 years ago#13
Scooby510 posted...
70 or above is pretty good


If you're rolling with a party this should be the benchmark.

Just think of it like you're your favorite sports team and the win percentage they need to be successful.
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User Info: darkwii

4 years ago#14
****ing scammer i hope you get it real bad in prison
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User Info: DSquarius

4 years ago#15
From: darkwii | #014
****ing scammer i hope you get it real bad in prison

The hell are you on about?
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User Info: Hobospartan

4 years ago#16
He's mad cause he got warned for a topic spreading libel about my good friend forthnback
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User Info: TastyBeverage

4 years ago#17
By yourself: 50%
With some friends: 60%
Full Team: 70%

Ive lost plenty of games to joining late, teammates quitting, that kind of thing.
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User Info: forthnback

4 years ago#18
lderivedx posted...
I think anything over 60% is good.

Haha, so close. I'm at 58%. I usually only get to roll out with a two-man party, occasionally three. Gotta work on those wins! I really hope we get an objective playlist. CTF is great, but I miss the good ol' bomb.
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