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so i'm not bragging or anything

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  3. so i'm not bragging or anything

User Info: Hidan623

4 years ago#1
but every match I play my K/D is like 20/4. I like that I seem like i'm good at the game since I absolutely suck at call of duty, but I can't tell if i'm actually good or if I am lagging, I don't think i'm lagging but is there any way for me to know for sure? also if I was lagging would that put me at an advantage or disadvantage?

by the way I don't lag on any other games it just seems weird for me to do so good at halo when I suck at games in general

User Info: __bale

4 years ago#2
whats your gamertag?

User Info: Hidan623

4 years ago#3
GT: vayne novus my overall K/D is negative at the moment because I started off bad and stopped playing for a while now i'm actually starting to be positive in my games which is weird since I sucked so much when it came out

User Info: darkwii

4 years ago#4
you're delusional and a bad player to boot
"Lest thee sins of thee thou forefatherst become one and all for lights and liberty and just is" - Benjamine Franklin

User Info: Cadco25

4 years ago#5
Because of the number of new players from the holidays, there is probably a big difference in the lower level of players and the higher one now, so depending on who you play against you could be really good in comparison or really poor.
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  3. so i'm not bragging or anything

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