What is killing Halo 4?

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User Info: Mr_arizona

4 years ago#21
MonoSilentD posted...
The constant whining from the community. If you don't like the game then STOP PLAYING IT! Trade it to GameStop and get cod or something.

Halo 4 sucks (few weeks later) the new map packs suck (Few weeks later) they patched the game and didn't fix any real issues blah... blah... blah...

Normally if you hate something you avoid yet they will play it everyday till Halo 5 rolls out and then start complaining about that.

I remember ranking games based on those I enjoyed most not which I hated least.

User Info: ZurickSavesYOU

4 years ago#22
A new Call of Duty came out.
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User Info: rubixcube10

4 years ago#23
Constant whining from this horrible community. Everyone complains about the little things and doesn't noticed the bigger picture. This game is actually pretty decent since the Halo 3 days.

I blame it mostly on the community. We're not united like it was back in the day. No mic'd people online to make a good game actually have great battles. Back in the day, everyone was willing to team up with you after your 1st win to create some sort of winning streak. Now a days, people just bolt.

But when people have the bad days of halo, they come back to all the message boards and complain because they ended up having bad nights of halo and blame it on the game instead of themselves for not being as good as they think.

Yes, 343i got a close second for the mismanagement of online games. But this is the 1st installment of 3 and I believe they will correct their mistakes in the future. But 343 still needs to bring back 1 Flag CTF and colored icons (red, yellow) for your teammates again immediately.

User Info: DENGUIN

4 years ago#24
Omg halo is not dying. Its just a bunch of whiners who suck at the game and have to blame everything but themselves.

And topics like this makes the losers think theyr whining is justified and the cycle continues.
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User Info: TheArcade

4 years ago#25
You forgot option 6; there isn't any significant problems with Halo 4.
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User Info: metalclash

4 years ago#26
Customs were shot to hell, only way to play old classic gametypes is though mods.

Way too many 1 shot kill.power weapons.

Vehicles die from DMR snipers.

DMR is too goo for a jack of all trades weapon.

Objective modes are still broken.

343i is more focused on releasing maps and playlists than fixing the game up.

It's not like one huge thing is ruining this game, it's a combination of every small thing that is.
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User Info: EliteGuard99

4 years ago#27
Fat moron and known hack Frankie O'Connor is the cancer that's killing Halo. Guy didn't do a damn thing with the original trilogy and not only that, but the ****** had the nerve to play COD BLOPs all last year instead of an ACTUAL HALO GAME.

What idiots thought it would be a good idea to make this moron lead game designer still boggles my mind to this day.
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User Info: scb4020

4 years ago#28
No 1-50 ranking system kinda killed it to me. Ever since reach came out I don't have the drive to win games as much as I did in the old days. I still try to win the games but I don't care about communication or if we win as much. I use to want to do everything in my power to help the team win because it affected my rank. Now I get my same exp rather we win or lose so it's no big deal.
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User Info: magablaster17

4 years ago#29
outher: bad playlists

User Info: NorwegianWinter

4 years ago#30
I don't play the multiplayer, but thought the campaign and Spartan Ops were excellent.
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