What is killing Halo 4?

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User Info: BigCatFive

4 years ago#71
100% 343 fault.
It feels like we are still in the beta gameplay wise, plus they completely alienated players in Europe and around the world by not giving them specialization codes so they get capped at 70.

Map design is god awful.

They REMOVED game types that have been around for the better part of a decade for no reason at all.

Don't feel like ranting anymore, but if you don't see that 343 (or Microsoft) is the real problem; you are blind.

User Info: NobleRoar

4 years ago#72
is the DMR really that OP? I don't get it someone explain
What is this ominous light that threatens to engulf us?

User Info: BigCatFive

4 years ago#73
NobleRoar posted...
is the DMR really that OP? I don't get it someone explain

No, it's not. People are just bad, and all the bad maps are designed around it, so the bad people are getting crushed by the DMR due to bad maps.

If maps were more like, you know, Halo maps they would not say it is "OP". Right now 93% of the maps are a crashed somthing, surrounded by rocks. No CQC Wizard, Battle Creek, Ivory Tower type maps.

But then again AAs would break those maps, so I guess it is time to accept this as a flawed game, and accept it for what it is...

Halo: Reach 2
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User Info: SMOG-097

4 years ago#74
Ragnarok being selected 9 times out of 10 everytime in Big Team Slayer.

User Info: W1REB1TER

4 years ago#75
rubixcube10 posted...
Constant whining from this horrible community. Everyone complains about the little things and doesn't noticed the bigger picture. This game is actually pretty decent since the Halo 3 days.

I blame it mostly on the community. We're not united like it was back in the day. No mic'd people online to make a good game actually have great battles. Back in the day, everyone was willing to team up with you after your 1st win to create some sort of winning streak. Now a days, people just bolt.

Finally someone else that's noticed no one uses their mic anymore. When halo 2 first came out and 3 everyone was on their mic I mean sure you'd get the high pitched kids and 'I screwed you mother'ers but there was a mute for a reason now no one gets on it and that's what makes the game repetitive to me. I mean get on your mic talk join up with different people. But besides that this game doesn't suck it's because everyone has to complain about something every halo that's come out has had this same topic and will have more but the fact is 343 releases extra content every week (though they are on break) they have already releases a map pack, and the challenges add something extra. Every game has its pros and cons its just up to you to decide which is heavier and if its cons then don't play it.
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