Finally reached +1000 on my K/D

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User Info: RickGotti

4 years ago#31
Sinna555 posted...
8015 kills, 8108 deaths. Get on my level, I'm basically the greatest. Ever.

I like you
GamerTag: xMinorThreat

User Info: SpiduxLimitless

4 years ago#32

+400, I think it's 2200/1800ish but honestly I can't remember.
They call me Spoke Wrecker...
Thizz iz what it iz GT-Spidux

User Info: darren19822000

4 years ago#33
i was plus 1100 or so when i looked..i must have made it last night or something
gt darren reefnugs
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  3. Finally reached +1000 on my K/D

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