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User Info: EDarien

4 years ago#11
Rasafarian posted...
Allow my wins to be credited to a bar tab.

SunDevil77 posted...
Overhaul of the whiny community that can't handle change.

(Not you, TC.)

These two sum it up for me.

User Info: buscusus

4 years ago#12
I think Spartan Ops is a bare bones mode and was lazily put together. The episode cutscenes are cool, but the missions themselves are so lame. It's the same 5 or 6 maps, with just different enemies and buttons to push with a cheap plot device shoe horned in there to make it seem like there's some kind of plot for that mission.

I know there will be new maps in Season 2 of SO, but it'll probably still be the same formula for missions.

I honestly would have preferred a more fleshed out Firefight mode.
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