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User Info: Laffy444

4 years ago#1
How do you shoot the battle rifle?

User Info: Willmatic

4 years ago#2
Bye turning 2 keys, enter the 20 digit code, and push the shoot shoot button in harmonic rythm

User Info: BeastlyIguana

4 years ago#3
Press the eject disc button.
Who the **** vacuums a window?

User Info: Hobospartan

4 years ago#4
press alt+F4
"All they can shine their lights from afar."

User Info: baconluver

4 years ago#5
If you give Cave Johnson lemons, your house will burn down. Trust me, I know from experience.

User Info: Laffy444

4 years ago#6
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  3. Buy this game for 59.99

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