Why do people hate Sprint?

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User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#141
I enjoy waiting 45 minutes to find a game.
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User Info: zigmagem

4 years ago#142
Meh! I use it and love it
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User Info: Rollingcone

4 years ago#143
Being able to hit a button and high tail it out of danger is cheap. I would be okay with accelerated movement if it built up over time, though. So, let's say you're walking forward for a couple of seconds. Transitioning can admittedly get pretty tedious, taking into account Halo's relatively slow walking pace. Instead of continuously walking, you could give yourself a jolt; instigate a jog. Press the dash button after jogging for a while and now you're full on sprinting. Speed should be gained in increments.
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User Info: xoAxelox

4 years ago#144
92EMPIRE92 posted...
Here's a question if you think sprint is ruining the game and Halo 3 is better than why not play Halo 3? It's like saying you prefer football to basketball but you still play basketball all day.

low population, outdated game, etc
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User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

4 years ago#145
EternalDahaka posted...
Kpt_Kapowski posted...
its both amusing and not surprising at all that only casuals think "casual" is an insult. Its simply a word that describes what kind of gamer a person is.

Would you prefer ignorant, whiny, entitled brat?

Considering you made it seem like sprinting was too much for a casual to understand, you did sound insulting with your use of it.

no, I really didn't.
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User Info: majorm

4 years ago#146
iRGush posted...
It allows you to make bad decisions, ruins map design, kills the flow of the game, makes callouts lets important, allows people to get away from fights, makes strafing more important. Thats off the top of my head, theres a bunch more things that make sprint horrible but people just see it getting around the map faster and the developers catered to that.

Let me guess. You run with a jet pack. Everything you complained about with sprint I think applies to the ridiculously over-used jet pack. That's what I think is the scourge of Halo MP.
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User Info: majorm

4 years ago#147
Rollingcone posted...
Being able to hit a button and high tail it out of danger is cheap.

Again; jet pack anyone??
Five million Cybermen, easy. One Doctor...now you're scared.

User Info: galv0

4 years ago#148
X250 posted...
Super Vejita posted...
X250 posted...
Message to the people saying qq & adapt: You're saying that to people who are better than you.

Must not be that much better if they're whining about it. If you're good, you suck it up and you adapt as opposed to whining.

Thing is: They aren't whining because they're losing (some do, though).

They're whining because it kills the competitive nature (in their opinion) of the game.

Kills the competitive nature? This is the dumbest opinion I've heard in a while. Please elaborate so I can laugh some more.
Noobs -_-

User Info: DvoloS88

4 years ago#149
Every shooter now a days has a sprint (COD,BF,GOW) every shooter needs a sprint... Now this is HALO we are spartans super soldiers. Yeah lets leave out default sprinting... You guys are idiots for hating on sprint. You wanna complain about sprint ruining map design and aiding instant respawns? This isnt COD where.there are enemies.constantly behind you or next to you. Shooting and killing you before you can even aim

User Info: Asherlee10

4 years ago#150
cowboybbp1 won the topic and everyone ignored it.

Great responses, guy.
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