It seems to me that 343 only got Oddball and SWAT right

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User Info: barn0by

4 years ago#1
All the other playlists seem to have been ruined by design flaws, or removed by 343.

(Big Team)Infinity Slayer - Is just ruined by ordinance. For getting 5 kills you get a bigger gun to kill the helpless people you just killed with. It makes no sense and removes the tactical aspect from previous games. It's now come down to how saw who first 90% of the time. The big sized maps don't help either.

Regicide- If I'm 5 kills ahead of 2nd place, and he kills me, I should be 4 kills ahead, not tied for the lead with some idiot that got lucky. Regicice even tags the king, so it becomes hunt the king with what seems like occasional betrayal that gives you points.

Flood- Now the pistol isn't a one shot kill to the head it makes it useless, and as the flood can attack WHILST thrustering, it becomes pot luck as to how long you survive.

Dominion- Why? Take a base, get a bigger gun to try to take another base with where your enemies are trying to capture also. Copied a good idea (domination) but ruined it by trying to be clever. Extraction has the same problems but without the power weapons, But with any luck 343 will have the sense not to make it into a playlist

CTF- Ruined by the boltshot and crouching in corners. Makes taking a flag near impossible when playing solo and makes defending a flag for your team fruitless when you have a brain dead 7 year old on your team doing so. Only having 2 Flag also removes all variation from it, and Halo 4 really needs some variation.

A better question is why did 343 remove KotH and Slayer pro? 2 Genuinely good playlists that didn't cater to the needs of morons disappear and get replaced with SWAT (which is good albeit on large maps, open sight lines and making connection play a vital part as people know to aim for the head) and Team Regicicde, which is like team VIP, but a let down as the word Regicide makes it atrocious as the king hops between players and is close to unplayable without a good team.

What we need is the old playlists, like Lone wolves, Multi Team and Team Snipers back, to make this Game a helluva lot more fun

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User Info: darkwii

4 years ago#2
ur such a ***************************************************** lol wow
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User Info: Phoenixmon2

4 years ago#3
Yeah man, I get 5 kills and get the Needler in my ordnance drop and then it's an easy perfection medal every single game

You're totally right

User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#4
You're complaining that Slayer has become "who saw who 90% of the time"?

Isn't that what most FPS objectives are in a "which team can score the most kills/points" that aren't things like KOTH or CTF or some such? Kill or be killed?

I have no issue with Slayer, CTF or Regicide.
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User Info: iRGush

4 years ago#5
I wouldnt really call oddball right considering it has instant spawns
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User Info: YellowPurple

4 years ago#6
iRGush posted...
I wouldnt really call oddball right considering it has instant spawns

Word. That's my only complaint. Still my favorite mode but instant respawns don't belong in any objective game mode.

User Info: The_87_Reaper

4 years ago#7
New oddball freaks me out.

I knew that they changed the ball from the playlist pictures, I thought it was just a glowly blue ball thing now.

So I'm playing, I pick up the ball, after a little while.

"Oh My God there's a fracking skull in the ball"

I was quickly killed after that.

I don't know, I think it being all ghosty freaks me out more than running around with a human skull.
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User Info: GotThat415Swag

4 years ago#8
with ZB and ridiculous bullet magnetism, swat is nowhere near as good as it was in reach.
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User Info: deepshadow4125

4 years ago#9
GotThat415Swag posted...
with ZB and ridiculous bullet magnetism, swat is nowhere near as good as it was in reach.

Exactly, Swat isn't as good as it is in Reach.
The hit box is extremely horrible, I die from shots that are extremely questionable, go back and look at the theater and somehow the bullet hit me from some augmented angle or through a buildings wall, rock or tree. To top it off the one hit melee's are ridiculous. Especially when someone comes from behind a corner out of no where sprinting, you had no idea if they are going to stop and shoot or try to melee you to death and vice versa. So your stuck with the unlucky options of trying to shoot him thinking he'll back off and then he melee's you and your dead, or you try to melee and he actually does back off and shoots you dead. At least in Reach one melee hit didn't kill you (unless your health bar was down.)
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